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Millions of students in California, Texas and Denver prepare for remote learning in the fall

2020-07-19 | 🔗
States are preparing for online-only instruction despite President Trump's push to reopen schools; Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier reacts.
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Plus zero percent interest for twenty four months ends: Monday Jedediah millions of children in California and Texas likely wont be returning to school in the fall as more states and cities opt for remote learning. Despite a push to reopen classrooms here, to react. Fox news, medical contributor, author of Make America healthy again, Dr Nicole Saphier, welcome to the show good morning. I want to put your doctor hat on. I know youre a doctor and a mom. I want you to put your doctor hat on first. Tell me: do you think it is smart for kids to be returning to in person learning in schools in September? He will, with you know, Jedediah im stuck in a dichotomy im. Also a physician and also a mother. I can tell you we know in person, training and education, for our children is what is best. Online learning can lead to social isolation and lead to lack of communication skills
decades of pre covid research. So we know that im Aways as physician im aware of infectious children asymptom, I cannily spreading that the Good NEWS. If you follow the data research, Iceland, South Korea, ITALY, many other places, they are telling us in their data that children are far less likely to be infected with this virus, and further data tells us if they become infected, they are less likely to transsubmit the virus. Unlike most other respiratory viruses like the common cold, the flu children do not seem to be super spreaders with Covid 19. That being said, you know we do not have large prevalence data here in the United States, yet the NIH is already underway, with a massive trial, to look at the infectivity and transmissibility of children. Unfortunately, that data will not be out until the fall. However, I will say that I do believe it is crucial to get our
children back to school. Now what Governor Newsom is saying about getting kids back to school? He is saying they cannot go back to in person school as long as there are increasing cases in the counties. Unfortunately, that might be the reality. When you look at trials across the world, it says successful school opening in areas where the there is decreasing infections. So it is on us Jedediah as the adults as the parents as the community to do what we can to lessen the spread of this virus, so our children can get back to school, because that is crucial. Jedediah Nicole one of the frustrations of a lot of moms that talk to me, theyre frustrated for schools, not thinking outside of the box. We had a mom say this on a mom panel. Why is it about six feet of distance and masks? Cant they put the kids outside cant. They do something. Are you facing that as a mom? Are you frustrated about inability to think outside of the box because of a pandemic?
When it comes to kids and school? Absolutely we failed our children. We shut down the schools way too early. We did not have a plan for reopening schools, educators administrators need to do what they can. I understand theyre nervous to get back to school, theyre nervous about being infected. They are essential front line worker. They are tasked of caring. Our children an insuring their well being time for them to act like the front line workers to do what they clan to get our kids back into school Jedediah, Dr Nicole Saphier, one of my favorite doctors, one of my favorite moms, thanks for.
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