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Minneapolis committee approves extra police funding after spike in crime

2020-11-11 | 🔗
‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Pete Hegseth slams Minneapolis mayor and left, calls recent crime increases ‘utterly embarrassing, utterly predictable.’
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Brian Minneapolis Committee, Brian Minneapolis Committee, approved funding to bring in outside police officers amid a spike in violent crime and a shortage of officers. The citys police chief says the assistance is not optional. At this point I have seventy four people who are no longer alive in this city because they have been killed. I have got almost five hundred people who have been shot and wounded in this city. We can talk about reimagining, policing, im talking about what is necessary today in this city, and we need extra resources. Brian, you hear his frustration, the birthplace of defund, the police, the move comes months after the majority of the Minneapolis City Council, Plekd to defund the police after the death of George Floyd, here to weigh in Minnesota Native Fox AMP friends, weekend CO host PETE Hegseth PETE. We could have predicted this, I feel so bad. The officers have to go through this utterly embarrassing and predict being one brain cell to know. If you remove police, you will create space for crime
b. If you demoralize police, by telling them they are the bad guys, create an environment. Why in the world take one risk? I recently spoke to a most police officer. If you are able to get out guys are getting out if you are out on your shift. Dont take any aggressive action. No way you sit in your parole car and wait to get called when you go, you go there and be as cautious as possible. Thats, not a recipe of getting in front of crime. The mayor there should be utterly embarrassed. The left should be ashamed for this. This is exactly what we know happenings when you throw police under the bulls, they are saying: hey. We are out Brian look at some of these stats arson up. Seventy six percent assaults. Twenty four percent murders up. Eighty seven percent robberies up thirty: seven percent, its a desperate cry for help in New York. They have had two thousand four hundred retirees thats up twenty five percent year to year. They cant get enough people to be cops. Now they are looking to save money, while people are bobbing and weaving to avoid the bullets.
Meanwhile, it is eleven slash eleven its veterans day for people like you, although you are still active. What special do you have on Fox nation PETE, a bunch of them Brian? It is veterans day we celebrate the real one percent in our society, so grateful for all the people out there who watch, who are military families who have given so much. There is great content on Fox nation right now. One that I am excited about, in particular, is called the battle of Hamburger Hill, one of our producers John CASE, put it together and went down and talked to the unit. There did an amazing story of a unit I served with in Iraq fifty years ago. In Vietnam, they had a vicious battle at Hamburger Hill. Many of the men to include you will meet private James, green and specialist James Baylor. They never told anybody about their service in the police department where they served and they never got the medals, the purple, hearts and bronze stars that they were given until a year ago when they were awarded to them. You will meet these men. How that battle affected their lives, learn about that battle at hamburger, hill very
controversial, ten day battle, lots of controversies. They go back to that hill, three hundred and ninety seven in Vietnam, as old men, to see it medals awarded to private green who had never gotten them before. If you want a perfect film to view on veterans Day Battle of Hamburger Hill on Fox nation, of course, if you do it now, five dollars goes to the independence fund as well and shameless plug. You get a copy of my new book. Modern warriors real heroes, real stories also as well Brian based on your series on Fox nation, so it works, PETE, Correct Brian. I played the Fox nation fee to roll a clip it just cleared. Thank goodness for apple pay. Here is the clip I paid for its James Baylor on getting to Vietnam. I got to go to Vietnam when I was twenty five, when I was getting off the plane, the guys that had finished their tour of duty, they were getting back on that same plane that brought us over. I remember clearly them saying there is one
there is one. There is one im thinking. What are they talking about? I found out later what they were saying were. These were guys that were not going to make it, and you knew that this might be it. For me, this might be the rest of my end of my life. Brian wow, very impressive. Vietnam veterans never get the respect they deserve PETE. I was supposed to toss to that Clip Trut V professional. You remembered we had the clip. You meet men like that, remembering what they did. The kind of people we need to. Thank today check it out on Fox nation. Brian. You want to reinforce to your kids. What veterans day means just double click on the app sign up now to PETE has got that special on Fox nation, make a donation to independence fund and also the modern warriors book. You will get.
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