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Minneapolis to spend $4.8 million on new precinct

2020-08-23 | 🔗
Reaction from Rev. Tim Christopher of the Berean Missionary Baptist Church.
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Will Minneapolis Police precinct that was torched during the riot in May is getting a new home? The city council approved a plan to spend four dollars and seventy nine cents million on a new temporary location, but our next guest says the temporary solution shows that the city council, dont, have a plan here is explain. Tim Christopher of the missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis. He is founder of Shepherd works Reverend thanks for being with us this morning, four dollars and seventy nine cents million. I saw another figure that it would cost ten dollars million to replace the precinct burned down during the riots. How do people in Minneapolis feel about the cost of replacing what was lost during the riots good morning? To you, an thank you for having me on. First and foremost, we have got a city council who is doing everything they can do to get rid of the police theyre worried about where theyre putting it will. We even have a police department. You know so everybody is
worried about if there is going to be a place for them, but theyre trying to dismantle and defund a police department when we have record numbers of homicide in the city. You are dealing with a city council who have zero clue in what theyre doing at the end of the day, to be totally honest with you, theyre inept in their job, half of them saying lets. Do the move. You have got the other half saying we dont know she sit there. She is not really in favor of this move. They have zero clue what theyre doing theyre hurting the people of this city. That is what the problem is. The problem isnt, where theyre moving, will you know reverend the loudest voices in the room when it comes to the issue, those on the street either screaming defund the police or abolish the police? But what im hearing from you is a message im starting to hear more and more? No, we need the police.
I have to ask you within your congregation within those in Minneapolis. How common is what you shared with us were not worried where you are, but whether you are in Minneapolis exactly a lot of people share. That sentiment were not asking were not asking to get rid of or defund the police. I just want everybody to know and understand that were in a city where the officials are telling us if a criminal come up to you hand over your hard earned money, hand over your hard earned property and you want to defund the police department. You want to pull down the police department. No, what we do we dismantle the system in which the police travel under you dont get rid of the police department at all. We just had a shooting just the other night across the street, from a liquor store and a gas station which is unbelievably
troublesome here in the city number one with a bus. Stop that sits right there that a single mother could get shot her kid could get shot. We had a killing there. There is record number of killings. You want to defund or hurt the police department. This is what im telling you LISA Bender, all them other ones up there in that city, council. No, no man will perhaps best to illustrate that cost. One dollar and nineteen cents million a year in lease four dollars and twenty eight cents million in cost as much as ten dollars million to.
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