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Minnesota bar owner defies governor’s order to close indefinitely

2020-11-28 | 🔗
‘Havens Garden’ owner Larvita McFarquhar tells ‘Fox & Friends’ why she is keeping her business open.
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Pete, a Minnesota business owner PETE, a Minnesota business owner last night, defying the governor S, orders to close all bars and restaurants. Despite threats from her states attorney general, the bar owner and single mother of four girls says shes prepared to pay up to twenty five thousand dollars in fines per violation and possibly even face jail time if it means standing up for her rights that owner of havens, garden in Lind, Minnesota, Lavita Farquar joins me now. Thank you so much for being with us this morning, youre standing up for your rights when you say that what do you mean well, im standing up, so the governor has no right to mandate that we close down our business when im just trying to make a living for my daughters and I and im standing up for being able to make a living the governor doesnt pick and choose who makes money and who doesnt he didnt close down black Friday. He should have mandated that
black Friday be closed down because our Walmart was packed. All of the other stores were packed, but he wants to mandate that small businesses, our restaurants, cant, be open. No, so we have a right to be open, make a living for our children and survive because were drowning out here. Pete youre talking about survival. This is about the livelihood of your family. What is the response been to the community last night? It was amazing. We had people coming from all over to support me to stand with me to say that youre, not alone, we had action from liberty that came out. They were just amazing the support and love that we felt ill. Just tell you one thing: the most important thing is that you really should be with my daughters because they were there last night I have four girls, twenty one, nineteen, sixteen and fourteen, and they were the cooks and the chefs, and they were the waitress and they were cleaning up. They did
everything, so I just want to put it out there that you know most small businesses are family owned and doing everything together to survive in this time. Pete shout out to them. Indeed, you mentioned the word love, unfortunately, not a lot of love coming from the attorney General S office. Here is a portion of the letter sent to you. He wrote you stated that the order was not a law and stated the attorney general should not enforce the order, because doing so be unconstitutional. As I mentioned, on the phone executive order. Two thousand and ninety nine has the force and full effect of law and is constitutional. Will that change your stance? Do you plan to continue to stay open? Oh I plan to stay open. We will not be closing. No governor can make law, I mean just because everything hes doing is an unlawful code and no, we will be open, were open this Wednesday from 1030, twelve and thats for parents that bring their kids down, because I was a stay at home mom at one time, and I know how hard
it is to stay at home and not be able to go anywhere with your children. So from 1030 1200 we have a gymnastics gym, so the parents can come, bring their kids and let the kids go play in the gym and from 1230 300 thats, where the middle schooler s and high schoolers can bring their computers down and do their school work and then go get some fun time in the gym just to relieve some stress PETE. Absolutely, no, so well be open PETE and can you follow Larvita? Can you follow the protocols, the guidelines and distancing and as a business owner, you know how to do that responsibly? Yes, we can follow that people are smart enough to understand what to do in this time and we have people. Last night we had a lot of people there. My building is huge, its like ten thousand square feet and its not that PETE. No, no, I like it, and so people are social distancing. They were still having a great time laughing and coming together. So no we know how to
keep each other safe and we know what to do if youre Silicon Valley stay at home, PETE, absolutely larvita havens, garden owner in Lind Minnesota. Thank you for your courage for teaching citizens how to fight keep us posted on your situation. If you would please, I have one more thing: PETE go ahead: id like everyone to go to actionfor liberty, dot, com and sign a petition and theyve been helping me with all of this, and I really want to say thank you and get the petition started. Pete appreciate it. Good luck! This week, keep us posted Fox, amp friends. We reached out to.
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