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Minnesota man rescues injured bald eagle from side of road

2020-07-18 | 🔗
Sam Ratsuki shares his story on ‘Fox and Friends.’
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Griff yeah and he liked it. It covered his whole beard. He said an incredible roadside rescue, a man pulls his car over to save an injured, bald eagle on the side of the road in Minnesota. On a highway there Jedediah he ran through traffic, jumped a median and crossed multiple lanes to save our national bird. That daring driver SAM Rituski joins us now. Sam thanks for being here with us. Ive got to tell you my wife a couple days ago saved a hummingbird, but there wasnt a whole lot of risk of bodily harm. These eagles have talons that can tear you apart and youre running into traffic. Did that eagle, give you a sense. It was going to tear you apart, or was it grateful you saved its life laughter when I first grabbed it yeah? It definitely did not like what I was doing when they say their heads can spin around one hundred and eighty degrees. Their
heads can spin around one hundred and eighty degrees, so it was Jedediah SAM. I love that photo laughter, Jedediah im just going to say I love that photo right there, its a beautiful photo and when we hear the story of how this went down, it sounds like it could have been dangerous for you im an avid animal lover, so im so grateful what you did were you nervous or scared for your own safety at any point, a little bit laughter that stretch of thirty five gets pretty busy four lanes on each side, but I dont know theres just something about seeing eagle there on the side of the road where I knew I just couldnt, let it sit there, its our national bird id like to think of myself as a fairly patriotic individual and grew up in northern Minnesota, deep respect to the outdoors. So I just couldnt. Let it sit there. Griff, yes, good on you, SAM youre, an eagle saviour. Now, that is a title to add good job. But do we have any idea of what happened to the
bird why it was injured so im assuming it was hit by a car. There was actually a dead raccoon out in front of it. So it either got clipped trying to pick it up off the road or there was woods on the other side and it got snatched out of the woods and came out too low SAM weve got to make you an honorary eagle scout. If you dont already have that title, but whats happened to the eagle now, is it going to make a full recovery? Is it back in the wild yeah so actually heard from the Minnesota DNR yesterday, the bird actually didnt need a lot of rehabilitation. They were able to fix it up and release it within the last few days already. So it was the best outcome I could have hoped for Jedediah SAM any advice to people who might be in a similar circumstance. Dont put your life at risk. Laughter,
I made sure I was smart about it and I didnt want to put any other at risk either, but I think I dont know just kind of go with your gut and do whats right Griff. Well, you did whats right SAM. Thank you for joining us and, thanks to you, a bird is.
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