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Minnesota state lawmakers call for audit of COVID-19 death certificates

2020-12-29 | 🔗
Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson and Sen. Scott Jensen outline concerns about death certificates on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Act now, your benefits may be changing in the new year. Rachel welcome back to Fox AMP, Rachel. Welcome back to Fox AMP friends. Two Minnesota lawmakers are calling for an audit of coronavirus deaths in the state. They raised the alarm after reviewing data from nearly three thousand death certificates, and they found that eight hundred of those counted as a covid death actually didnt have covid as an underlying cause of death. Joining me now are Minnesota State lawmakers, Mary Fransen and Scott Jensen, who is also a practicing physician. Welcome to you both. Let me start by asking Mary what motivated you to take a look into this data. Thank you so some concerned citizens came forward and they actually had the death file from the Minnesota Department of Health that they had purchased
and asked me to take a look at what they were seeing. There was a lot of data, so I enlisted a team of some pretty smart people to look at it, including Dr Jensen, and what we did is we reprocessed that death file? We isolated the cases where Covid 19 is the underlying cause of death, as well as the death where Covid is mentioned, but not listed as the underlying cause of death, and through this process we found clear cut examples from the Minnesota Department of Health files, public records, Rachel of Suicide, a drowning, an auto accident where the passenger was ejected from the vehicle we found dementia. Those are the really sad cases when theyre dying of dementia, but also being classified as a covid death and strokes.
I also just was so shocked at what I found that this could not keep silent Rachel so whose directing that these deaths be counted in this way. How is this happening that this data is being so corrupted? Where is the direction coming from thats? A good question for doctor Doctor Jensen? Sure, if you go back to April this past year, youll see that the Department of Health and the CDC were both putting out advice and instructions to go ahead and use Covid 19 in a more casual manner than weve used before. It was as if the format that weve used for the last seventeen years to identify the initiating event and the sequence of causation was changed if it involved Covid 19 thats, where it started. So I think that weve seen a
tremendous encouragement to go ahead and use Covid 19 as one of the diagnosis in the cause of death sequence. The most important diagnosis on a death certificate is the underlying cause of death. The underlying cause of death is oftentimes, referred to as the one that gets tabulated as a part of our federal Registr AR when we say six hundred and fifty thousand Americans died of heart disease in the last year were looking at. Where was this diagnosis placed on a death certificate and it would have been the underlying cause of death, but I think it begs the question we have to follow the money and when you see Rachel rate thats the question you see that came in if you could hit a threshold of one hundred and sixty one admissions to your hospital with a Covid 19 diagnosis between January and June, you receive seventy seven thousand dollars of additional money for each one of those admissions Rachel wow well thats, the million dollar question. Why and youre saying that its for the money and that the CDC and the health departments are
allowing this data to get corrupted really quickly? Do you think this kind of Miss counting is happening across the country, not just in Minnesota? So in Florida there was a health report that said a Covid 19 death toll was inflated by ten percent in Washington, its being reported that the death toll be over inflated by thirteen percent and in Colorado it has been reported that at least two cases of gun shot victims were being classified as Covid 19 deaths, and that is why we are calling for a full audit. President Trump, if you are watching Fox AMP friends this morning, I am asking to request a full audit of every single state in the nation, because Minnesota is not an anomaly. The citizens of our country are being led in fear and that fear is leading them to make irrational decisions based on the governors with their shutdowns, with us not being able
to exercise our life, our liberty, our pursuit of happiness. So we need this, ought it and we need the truth and the public deserves the truth Rachel. Well. Thank you, Mary. Thank you, Dr Jensen. This is very important and youre right.
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