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Mississippi business owner giving back on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

2021-01-09 | 🔗
Half Shell Oyster House owner Kevin Fish explains how his business is showing support for first responders.
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Will over to you will all right thanks PETE after a devastating week for police in the capital, Americans across the country are coming together for national law enforcement appreciation day one of the proud supporters showing his thanks is the vice president of half Shell Oyster house, a restaurant chain in Mississippi. His name is Kevin FISH and he joins us now. Good morning, Kevin I dont know if the word is wonderful but appropriate timing to have national law enforcement appreciation day just a few days after, of course, we lost Brian Sicknick at the capitol on Wednesday. Tell me why its important to your restaurant chain to honor officers and tell us exactly how you are doing so good morning PETE. Well, I will tell you this whole thing started nine months ago, really, when I was sitting and having lunch one day, a little place down the road at the half shell, with my fiance recalling
watching on tv, and there was one of the mayors of the one of the big cities. I cant tell you if it was Seattle or Washington, D, dot c, and they were going through the demonizing. The police thing- and we were just appalled at it to be honest with you and we started of thinking. What can we do? My fiancee? Her name is Carrie COLT. She had just recently finished a fundraiser to raise money to put bullet proof vests on all of the police dogs in the sheriffs canine unit and thats the kind of people we are and the way we think we bantered some things around and never came to anything and then about two weeks ago, my trusty assistant, who is holding the phone thats recording this Kelsey Griffin. She came to me and said: hey two weeks from now its national law enforcement appreciation day. Okay. This is great. This is our opportunity. So we talked to my partners and I talked to my director of operations. His name is Deanna. Member ran dough. His father is
a thirty year police officer in New York and unanimously we decided to go ahead and make this happen. What a positive message Kevin. I dont like to disappoint people so early on a Saturday 630 you are talking to will not PETE. Sorry will thats all right. I can only see the back side of the camera will. I know you cant see me right now. Before we go, we only have a little bit of time left awesome what you are doing at the oyster house. There officers are invited to come in and have a free meal. What do you think is so important about law enforcement and why they should be honored really quickly, please these are good people, they are just like you and me. There are bad people in every profession. There is what happened in Minnesota was definitely wrong, but these are good people and when there is somebody outside your front door and they have a gun well, I go get my gun, but most people you are going to call the police thats what you do and they come and put their life on the line for you. So I think that we should do a
lot better. Job of appreciate them than we have been doing in this country lately will to tie in the story. We came in before talking to you the thing that barstool sports is doing to help small businesses out and then, in turn to small business, help out law enforcement. This is what America is about on a rough week. What a positive message, what an important highlight of who we are Kevin. Thank you for doing that, highlighting who we are this week. We appreciate your time and what you are doing.
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