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‘Modern Warriors’ features female fighter pilot

2020-11-15 | 🔗
U.S. Navy Reserves Lieutenant Commander Caroline Johnson joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Cockpit of an FA 18 super cockpit of an fa, 18 super hornet and took part in over forty combat missions flying over Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Her story is one of several featured in my upcoming book, modern warriors, which will be available on November twenty four. You can get a free copy as well. If you sign up for a year subscription of Fox nation right now, Lt Commander, Carolyn Johnson, joins me now LT commander. Thank you so much for being with us this morning and thank you so much for being in the book, its an honor to have you youre chapter thirteen by the way and your stotory is a very, very powerful one naval academy, active duty and your chapter starts with a vivid portray all of being at Mount Sinjar. You covered it in the news. You were there in the cockpit above talk to us about putting the training you had into the real world and again thank you for joining us yeah. Thank you so much for having me so my job as an fa, 18 super Hornet weapon s systems officer was to provide safety and security up
in Mount Sinjar. We were executing humanitarian relief operations because ISIS was prosecuting and my job was to keep them safe because thats what we could deliver, and so, when called upon after nine years, one month and ten days of training, I was able to finally do my job neutralize ISIS fighters to be able to protect thousands of folks on the ground PETE. You know, but its also. What we tried to do with the book Carolyn is to take people behind the scenes and you wrote a book as well. So people want more on your particular story. They can check that out as well, but talk to people share whats the challenge of youre that high up in the air trying to make decisions about who to drop them on whose friendly, whose foe? How do you command your emotions in those moments? Yeah its very difficult, and that is one of the key things that we develop over the years of training? Is that ability to compartmentalize to manage stress and also manage
your emotions in those very difficult ethical decisions, because youre trying to figure out you know what is the right action to take here, and that is something that weve become experts at over time is high risk decision making, because not only are we dealing with millions of dollars, but were also dealing in lives. Pete Lt, Commander, Caroline Johnson, so honored to have you featured in the book you had are a modern warrior. Real stories of heroism certainly fits your background PETE. Thank you. So much for having me appreciate it. Pete, of course, and modern warriors comes out November. Twenty four were about ten days away and the modern warriors special airs on Fox on November, twenty nine as well and remember, go to Fox nation dot com sign up for a.
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