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Moderna to seek emergency authorization of coronavirus vaccine

2020-11-30 | 🔗
Massachusetts-based biotech company Moderna announces it will request an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for its coronavirus vaccine; Dr. Nicole Saphier weighs in.
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Look at that Ainsley ethics, exciting thanks Carley! This is a Fox news, alert big news this morning in the race for the coronavirus vaccine. The Drugmaker me MO concern that asking the FDA for emergency approval of its vaccine today here to react. Is the author of that book right there make America healthy again, Dr Nicole Saphier. This is excellent news. Can you till us all about it very exciting news? This morning, Moderna has officially going to file today their Uea with the FDA about their coast vaccine. They are reporting a ninety four percent efficacy rate, one of the more important thing that they also said it was one hundred percent effective in preventing severe illness sum similar to the flu, shot, get the flu vaccine and still get the flu, but does a great job in making sure its, not the severe effects of the flu, and now it looks like moderna- is going to be the same with Covid 19 thats. Another way to keep people out of the hospital Ainsley thats great. The FDA is meeting on December tenth to talk about
Pfizer. Will they also be talking about Moderna, or will that be a separate panel? It will be a separate panel right now. The FDA is reviewing all the information that Pfizer has submitted on December tenth. They are going to convene and doing a nonbinding vote to see if it actually should get approved from the Eua or not a couple days before December. Tenth wee have a good idea if it will be approved or not. As the staff report comes out, they will be submitting the documents online so its available for public commentary. That is crucial to get rid of some of this skepticism thats being present with the public right now, its really important that this process is transparent, which its going to be Ainsley. I know the CDC is going to meet this week to discuss, who is going to be vaccinated. First im sure we you have back on to talk about that. This is Dr Saleen godder. She is on the Covid Advisory Board, listen to this Nicole, and we will get your reaction on the other side. We fully expect that in about
a week or two after Thanksgiving, we will see an increase in cases first then about a week or two later, you will start to see an increase in hospitalizations and then another week or two after that you will start to see deaths, and so, unfortunately, that means that many people who celebrated with family with friends over Thanksgiving will find themselves in the hospital in Icus over Christmas and new years. Ainsley Dr Saphier, Dr Birx, said assume you have it if you traveled for Thanksgiving so thats right anxiously. You know I have been saying now for a couple months and I feel like I should be a translator for Dr Fauci and now Dr Gounder, even though what she is saying is not true make sure we are not pushing people away to wanting to adhere. Dr Fauci said. Maybe we should cancel Christmas. Is that true, most ridiculous thing possible many safe ways to be together for Christmas. While do I agree? We had over nine million Americans travel during the thanksgiving time
that will undoubtedly result in a rise in cases which will result in a rise in hospitalizations and will result in a rise for death. We have uncontrolled splefd the country, although the majority will not die from in this is still a deadly virus. We have a few more months of this. Pfizer is going to likely produce twenty million vaccines for Americans by the end of twenty twenty. Just give it a few more months. If you travel over Thanksgiving Break, I do recommend, assuming you have the virus, I recommend, assuming everybody, has the virus right now. I think I have been saying that since the spring do: what can you wash your hands if you traveled over the break? I would consider getting testing right now. If you dont want to self quarantine for ten to fourteen days and know there is a big light at the end of this tunnel Ainsley. Yes, Christmas is around the corner. The births of our Xavier and.
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