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Moderna trial volunteer on vaccine's almost 95% effectiveness against coronavirus

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Moderna vaccine trail volunteer Jack Morningstar weighs in on latest results on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve in the race to find a Steve in the race to find a vaccine against the pandemic, Moderna is celebrating a break through, as they reveal that their vaccine is nearly ninety five percent effective. In the preliminary trials, thirty thousand volunteers participated in the trials, including our next guest and Jack Morning, star joining us right now from Chapel Hill in North Carolina Jack Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve. I know the way the trials work they get all these people and dontthey tell them. We are e going to give you the vaccine or the placebo of something else, thats correct, Steve. You think you got the actual shot why, after the first vaccine, I had a little bit of fatigue and arm pain that lingered a couple of days, not tiny tense, but like a tetanus shot where you feel like you got punched in the arm when you wake up and about the same for the booster, with a little
bit of a fever. The next day, which made me think you know giving Thegiven the fact that TH is a solution in the majority of people who have gotten it. Didnt really have any symptoms at all. That was telling to me. That was the real deal Steve sure. After the trials or approval, they will tell you either got the shot or the placebo, so you can get a vaccine going forward to protect yourself for the people. Looking in Jack thinking, I dont know if I trust this vaccine, you are in a unique situation. Where have you actually had it? What do you tell those people thinking? I dont know if im going to get it, I think the important thing to recognize I mean like we have had an unprecedented amount of resources that have been pumped into this entire process. I think some people might be
nervous that, at the end of the day like they have been cutting corners in terms of safety protocols, which is not at all the case, normally these clinical trials take so much money and resources to just get off their feet since the whole world and all of its operations have basically a screeching halt. With this pandemic, I mean this has been the number one priority for health institutions worldwide, so I would concerned for your viewers and the date that just came out saying its ninety five percent, effective, roughly, which is up there with some of the vaccines that were all accustomed to make like mumps, measles and the vaccines that helper radiculopathy indicate serious diseases that are no longer commonplace, Steve sure Jack. Given your unique situation where you were part of this trial, and you believe you got the actual vaccine, do you feel more protected? You nope? The whole world is walking nope, the whole world is walking
around. Without what have you got got? I agree. I have been super careful. I dont want to scare people walking around without a mask and that sort of thing it does come as some comfort knowing the vaccine is effective and I likely do have antibodies im, not going to be one hundred percent comfortable, incomfortable Majori vaccinated and develop some sort of herd immunity. Steve. Thank you for telling your story. Some people are interested in. It sounds like you actually got it good luck to you, Jack Morningstar, studying a junior at the university of.
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