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Moms on whether Trump or Biden would keep Americans safer

2020-09-01 | 🔗
Barbara Majeski, Karith Foster, and Karin Ruhkala discuss who would be a better 'law and order' president.
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Does anyone believe there does anyone believe there will be less violence in America? If Donald Trump is reelected, he keeps telling us if he were president you would be safe. Well, is he president? He knows it or not. Bidens strategy is to surrender to the left wing mob, which is exactly what he is doing. I dont think he knows what he is doing and give them control over every lever of power in the United States government Jedediah President Trump and Joe Biden going head to head on the issues of violence and unrest in the country. So how do american mothers feel about their plans here to discuss? Is our panel of moms, Barbara, from New Jersey can a redd it from Texas and Corrine Redd it from Texas and Corrine, also from New Jersey, welcome to the show im a mom, its a top priority on my list, Barbara, I will start with you and list Joe Biden
virus Lens in America saying its trumps fault. I dont agree. Look at what both candidates are saying. I vote on behalf of my children. So in general I dont align myself with a political party, and this election has been you know really interesting, but to say that Biden is going to. You know that its trumps, America and Trump is causing. These riots is not right. I dont see a republican city with looting riots and chaos. I see it all in the democratic cities and the democratic mayors, I dont agree its a trumps America. I think this is a political agenda and im really disappointed in the way its being handled Jedediah. So Karith. I will ask you: do you feel that President Trump has provided good leadership at this time? As you see this violence somewhat unprecedented erupting throughout the country? Well, you know what I would like to see is a unified effort to end the violence, and you
know I appreciate that he is going to Kenosha Hopely. No quell the fires, not to add fuel to it, in is what a leader is supposed to do. It should be appreciated as someone who is head of the country, he needs to act like it and is he hopefully, by going there and helping people get back in order, Jedediah, Karin between Biden and President Trump. When you look between record and rhetoric who do you feel more comfortable with in terms of voting for on the platform of safety and cuter security, its an easy choice, choice, Jedediah, im, sorry that was for Karin. Actually, I apologize that was for Karin, sorry, Jedediah, no problem. Historically, you look at President trumps record and he has supported law enforcement from the very beginning. He has never wavered and I dont
understand how the leader of the opposing party running for the: U Dot s the top job waiting. Ninety days like what took him so long, how can he accept the violence going on on our street? How can he minimize the danger to the citizens, to the business owners and to the families in those communities thats what I cant wrap my head around Jedediah yeah. These are excellent points Karith. I know you were speaking before. I want to give you a chance to follow up on what you were saying. I was saying that Trump there is a problem we have to handle it right now there is no more waiting. There is no, and I want to see him doing that. You know God bless Bidens heart, as we see say in Texas, but I dont know if I would trust him to be the hall monitor at my kids school right now, Jedediah yeah Barbara. There has been a lot of talk about necessity for leadership at this time in your mind as a mom. What can
help not only heal this divide but create atmosphere in these cities, but where you will feel safe to send your kids off to school every day or send an older kid over to the grocery store to pick up groceries for the tonight we get back to a world where people feel safe. How can he help the one thing I really love about? Our president right now is that he takes aggressive measures and he doesnt always follow bureaucracy and politics. He gets things done and at this point I would love for him to just send in the National Guard and create safety in these cities that have unrest that have so much unrest. So we can feel that we know we have a leader who is aggressively in charge and taking care of what is in the best interest of the entire population, and I just I love that strength of character. It makes me feel like we have a president who really looks out for us as individuals. I really feel his strength in that capacity. I feel, like Trump looks out for the people of America, whereby DEN looks out for Bidens people of America.
I just want him to take those aggressively measures, be that person that he is and put these cities at rest and then the rest will follow Karin. What would your message about to local political leadership? People say it should be a local issue. I agree you should be able to count on your mayors, your governors. In many cases they have been absentee. What is your message to them as a mom? Well, I have seen a lot of these cities that the riots flourish are run by democratic mayors. They totally miss the ball. They arent serving the overall citizen population in their communities. Here, President Trump is trying to offer help from the federal government, and what do they say? No, thank you, whats that saying to those people in those communities, no law and order. Why dont they deserve that Jedediah thats, a fantastic point, Karith your final thoughts.
Just that you know we need to stop being pit against one another. I think Dr Martin Luther King Jr is rolling in his grave, how we are treating each other and how we are being divided. This needs to stop, and hopefully President Trump will bring in some actions to help bring people together. Jedediah I want to thank you all for being here. Moms are leading the ways right now. Your voices are extremely powerful and extremely important, and both individuals, both President Trump and Joe Biden, know that they know that they need your support at the polls. So thank you so much for sharing.
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