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Moms react to Trump's pitch to 'suburban housewives,' Kamala Harris joining Biden ticket

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Moms speak out on 'Fox & Friends' on the most important issues to them when voting in November.
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Ainsley president Trump Ainsley President Trump predicting he will win over suburban housewives as he calls out Joe Bidens housing plans they are going to. In my opinion, Destroy is suburbia when they go in and change zoning so that you have lots of problems where they want to problems where they want to build low income housing. You want something where people can aspire, not where it hurts families Ainsley a republican candidate for Congress in Virginia hey. Ladies thanks for being with us good morning, Ainsley good morning, I want to ask all of three of you: what the suburban housewife, mom worker. We have so many hats. What were looking for in a candidate, so I will started with you Karith. Well, you know. Listen. Education is huge for me as a mother of small children, but so is their safety. I think the safety of off children should be the focus,
certainly of not only this administration but any future administrations as well as as well as getting our country back or track Ainsley. How do you feel with Kamala praises the l dot as mayor for slashing the Lapds budget? You know, I hope that that means that those funds are going to other places to help support the police to take the pressure off of them so that mental health experts can come in and not the police officers jobs anymore, but you know just being cut for the sake of being cut to you know, say in your face: thats, not okay, Ainsley Alicia. What are you looking for in a candidate im looking for someone thats going to keep us safe kind of like what we were just talking about, but schools, safety and I think, overall, a push to really rejuvenate the economy. On the other side of Covid 19. I think that its so important that we show families that they could be safe in America and we can thrive in America again thats what people are really
looking for, specifically in Virginia ten, where im looking to be their congresswoman Ainsley Barbara. I think she is right. We all want to keep our children safe and thats our jobs as parents. How about you? What are you looking for as a suburban mom safety? He had its can a. I want to see these american small businesses get back on their feet. I want somebody that is looking out for all of families of America and to see our economy back and thriving Ainsley yeah, so Karith yesterday we saw Kamala Harris and we heard her speak and she is. She said she is a mom to two. She married someone that has children and they call Momala, which is cute. Are you happy with her platform and some of the things that she has voted on in the past? What do you think you know? I think that I want to believe again that every person who is running for these offices has you know their hearts in the right place. You know for me, you know her
record as a prosecutor certainly speaks for itself, but you know people are campaigning now and they are saying a lot of things and hopefully they will make good on those promises, but the good things that we know we can depend on to make our country stronger and better Ainsley Barbara. How about you? You know I thought her speech was really powerful. I like her story. I love her history. She is really you know, im really interested in her as a woman and a minority candidate, but she lost me when she blamed Trump for the pandemic. I really felt politics sneak in there and I was really disappointed. I also you know knowing that she is an advocate for defunding. The police gives, I believe, a lot of suburban mothers pause to really really consider her as a candidate. I think its. What suburban moms are really looking at right now is the safety of America Ainsley yeah, I mean we should all support one another. I believe. As a Christian, we are all gods, children. I support everyone. I support women. I did think her speech was
powerful too. You agree with you whether or not you know there are two different. There are some different issues and you have to go to the polls and look at the issues thats, how we have to vote Alicia. How about you? What did you think? I think she is a very powerful speaker, but I think actions speak a lot louder than words and when it comes down to voting, I think that Americans are really going to be looking at those solid issues of safety and when you are looking at Kamala Harris, you know I struggle as a mother wondering how anyone who wants to defund the police can really have our best interest for security of our communities at heart and thats, something thats going to be a deal breaker come November. Third, for her, you know I am a huge womans woman and I think we need to support women and continue to uplift them, but I truly think that she has missed the mark when it comes to wanting to support defunding the police, because I think that so many men and women across the board want to support our law enforcement officers and want the safety and security in our neighborhoods,
and that has to be our focus in our communities, is law and order its. What we were built upon, I think thats, a huge mark that she has missed Ainsley. Why do you want to get into politics Alicia? Why are you running im running because I think my district is worth fighting for? Our values are worth fighting for security and safety in our communities is worth fighting for, and ultimately, the american dream im going to be the first? U dot S marine to ever, since, in the Congress in one hundred years of suffrage, never been a woman from the Marine Corps to serve Ainsley, really its incredible. To think that way, I look and see how many people on Capitol Hill have not been able to come together and unify and support the american people in their dire need. They are more interested in putting the pork in to these bills than actually serving the american people thats. What we need. We need people that know it. True. There is an honor to serve, I think, being a marine helps me realize a mother and the gravity of the decisions that we make on
Capitol Hill and the impact it has on our communities. Ainsley Karith. What are you telling your children about politics these days? Im sorry Ainsley say that again, Ainsley, are you all sitting around the kitchen table and talking about politics, absolutely Ainsley? You are. What do you say we are. My children are aware that we have. You know a woman of color, a woman who has now been selected as the vice presidential candidate. We, you know we talk about what we want to see happen in our country and we want this division and politics of it all to end. I agree with Alicia one hundred percent. We need to come together as a country. This is not the time to continue the infighting we need to think about our health, our wellness, our piece of mind, Ainsley Barbara. How old are your kids? My boys are fourteen and sixteen and my daughter is eight Ainsley, oh wow. So what kind of conversations are you all having in your house?
You know thats a great question. I appreciate because im raising boys and a little girl, we are excited that there is a broad mix of candidates right now, but it all comes down to the policies, their beliefs, their vision for America irregardless. If theyre man, woman black white, whatever we care about the causes that they are talking about and thats it thats what it comes down to Ainsley. Well, thank you so much for informing all of our viewers out there that are going to have to make a decision on November. Third, God bless you all.
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