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More people planning picnics as a way to spend time together while socially distancing

2020-07-25 | 🔗
Chef and nutritionist Diane Henderiks shares the perfect dishes to bring to a picnic.
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I did not know this, but it is. I did not know this, but it is national picnic month, pretty amazing dining he will Fresco is great way to enjoy with family and friends, while still social distancing outside get tips for packing a picnic. I know I need those tips. Diane Hendrix is fresh to frozen and back and the guest chef at the Lodge Atwood lock this weekend. Diane welcome to the show. I definitely need some tips. I love a good picnic im, not a great cook im, not a great cook. Please help me absolutely Jed having a picnic is so fun all this social distancing and getting outside. What better way can you do it in a beautiful park by the beach or here right here in the beautiful grounds simple to do? I have some shrimp cocktail, chicken wings, some humus and cut up vegetables. Can you do a little cheese platter with some crackers and a little harm laid
some wraps that you can wrap in individual packs to hand them to your friends and family? I have a little salad and take out container with a little dresser that you do and wrap it up, no picnic without wine. I love Joel Gott wine. We have row say here: thats fantastic has all these floral had we have fruit and chips and salsa we want to make a little. We want to make a little demonstration of really really im going to put it in a bowl tihini in a bowl im going to add sauce, delicious authentic asian flavor, some sesame oil.
We have a quick, cilantro im going to show you how easy this is: ginger, garlic, lime, juice, some rice, wine, vinegar. Look how simple this is Jed! You can whip this all up together, a little bit of spice some heat and peanut butter, and then, of course, we have got to have some soy sauce and again. This is all the authentic asian flavor. Look at this. Can you see this? You just take this and watch this. Add this to just some cooked noodles. Can you use pass attachment? Can you useuselow main noodles toss it up mix it really well takeout container garnish it with peanuts and green onions and wrap it up like that, and you are ready to go its so good. Yesterday, Jed Diane, I love it
were running out of time, and I appreciate you being here: you can v given us some great tips, im ready for a picnic now thats a recipe. Even I couldnt.
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