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More than 600K raised in push to remove California Gov. Newsom

2020-12-31 | 🔗
Former California Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox provides insight on ‘Fox and Friends.’
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All right, Rachel thanks momentum is buildings and the push to remove California, Governor Gavin Newsom from office. The group behind the recall recently raked in 600000ed as the list of petition signatures grows by the day. So what is their gripe with Gavin Newsom lets? Ask the man who challenged him for the governors chair in two hundred and one John Cox Happy New years Eve to you good, see you happy new year to you, Griff Great, to be with you. Griff Rescue, California is getting closer to the one point: five million signatures to recall the governor, absolutely Griff. Why are they doing this? This? This governor has not responded well to the pandemic and not dealt with the problems. Come into office, housing, crisis, homeless, crisis, fires, black outs and, of course, the pandemic. I will give you one fact: Griff,
and that is Disney. World has been open since July in Florida, no outbreaks, no problems, people are actually making some money down there. They are actually feeding their families here. Disney land is still shut down and closed, no possible reopening date indicated there. The southern California area there is being shut down for restaurants, hotels, these are real jobs. These are real small businesses, pot shops are open strip, clubs are open, churches and small businesses have been literally just shut down. Looking at Incon Sis ten think governor rules by fear, the more he shuts things down the worse. It gets im a small businessman. I solve problems. This governor doesnt solve problems. He listens to. The politic was of
the moment and act accordingly, thats, not working for California, governor in crisis. The last time a successful recall happened in two thousand and three democratic governor Gray Davis was recalled during the energy crisis. Do you see parallels here? Oh absolutely, we had twenty five thousand separate plaqueouts last August when it was hot and humid in southern California. People wanted to use their air conditioners, but we didnt have enough power. Think about that. A second griff a lot has happened since two thousand and three a lot of tech, no a lot of growth, and we still have blackouts in this state. He hasnt dealt with the fires. He hasnt dealt with homelessness, which is really ruining a lot of our great cities and our tourism. What we need is solutions Griff, and nobody really sees that this governor is interested in solutions. He is interested in politics, our kids arent in school right now, because the union bosses are tell them that they dont want
to return police fire front lines working, but the teachers arent. I know there is a lot of teachers in the state that want to get back to school, but the schools are still shut down. Griff John, let me ask you things needed what a recall effort needs is cash. We just saw Irvine based consulting firm, give half a million dollars. Where did the sort stand? How likely do you think? Ultimately, this will be. Let me tell you: there is a lot of money in this state. There is a lot of successful people who are watch this state crumble. You have had so many businesses leave now its become a torrent, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Charles Schwab. I can name dozens that have left the state along with a lot of people. I think a lot of business people, a lot of people successful in this state are saying to themselves. This has gone on too long. This governor is just not going to improve and I could have told them that a couple years ago I mean he ran San Francisco. I mean he ran San Francisco
into the ground. He is now running California into the ground. The recall is going to happen. I think people are going to row, move people going to remove this governor and get solutions. Griff. You say its going to happen im going to ask you, John Cox, since you run for governor before the recall before led to Arnold Schwarz being the governor. Will you put your hat in the ring? I want solutions for the problems of the state, Griff thats, what I ran on in twenty eighteen, the cost of how fasting cost of housing providing water for people better schools. Those issues are still there today and gotten worse. So the answer is yes, the answer is yes. I will probably be there putting forth these solutions to problems. We have got to get rid of the politics and really focus on what works, Griff and deliver a better quality of life for the people of this state. We deserve it and, frankly, its important for the whole country.
This is the largest state in the country, the fifth largest economy in the world. We have got to get California back on track, Griff all right. Well, we dont know what twenty twenty one will hold for us in the future, but possibly another run by John Cox for governor.
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