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More than 70 veterans reportedly won congressional races in 2020 election

2020-11-11 | 🔗
Army Veteran Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., thanks voters for helping him defeat his Democratic challenger saying, ‘I will serve you the way that I served in combat.’
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Ainsley, all right, we will be watching that. Thank you, Steve its reported that more than seventy veterans won congressional races. This election cycle, including our next guest, who defeated the democratic challenger. Her name, is PAM Keith down in the Sunshine State Army veteran and Florida congressman Brian Mast joins us now, hey Brian Good Morning to you congressman, always good to see you Ainsley always good to see you too congratulations on winning again. What do you say to the people who went out to the polls and voted for you? Thank you. Thats true goes to be the number one thing its an honorable reflecting on veterans day to say: listen, I will serve you the way that I served in combat and thats to remember the people that I served alongside and do it in a. I think that hopefully honors them every second of the day to remember that the decisions that I make they affect the people to my left and right. The people that I ask to represent just like the decisions that I made on the battlefield they affect people directly and in very life and death ways, and
to remember the leadersed that I in the military, which is to say this about them all the best leadersed that I they never asked me or any of the other men that they had serving underneath them to do anything that they wouldnt do themselves or that they hadnt already done themselves thats, not always the climate of Washington, but I think it needs to be in Washington to be a better place if it had a lot more of that Ainsley. Definitely the definition of a good leader. I know yesterday, you declibsd, to acknowledge President Elect Biden as the President Elect, because you said you want to wait and see you want to see how this all plays out. What exactly are your concerns? Look, there are court cases that are going on. There are undecided, races, undecided, counts, number of different places. I think its unfair to go out there and say lets see all of this before we go out there and make a declaration. I will make sure certified counts until that time we say: okay, we are ready for this transition Ainsley. Well, your state. Did it right, we need to watch Florida. Did you it right this time at least what is your message to all the
veterans, the men and women who are serving our country or who have served its to say number one, as I started out with saying, thank you about being able to serve. Thank you for your service. If you put on the Uniform Army Navy Marines AIR Force Coast Guard, if you served from World WAR Ii through Korea through Vietnam, through Mogadishu, or nose knee a or Kosovo Iraq, Iraq all times in between war time, peace time, our country loves you, we love you. We look at you as shining examples of what patriotism and America is all about, and we couldnt say thank you enough for what you did and for what you are willing to do, and there is just not enough times that you can say that and on veterans Day, especially I take pride and I go to so many schools from elementary to high schools, where theyre out there and singing Lee Greenwood proud to be an American or God bless America, or you name it. Bringing parents and
grandparents in that serve that put on a uniform and just really taking pride in those people that served our country, and it really is an amazing time for our country Ainsley. I know thank you for going to those events. I know you were just at one and teaching all the little boys how to salute. God bless you. Thank you for your service.
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