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Morgan Ortagus on Middle East peace deal: Trump has emboldened our allies to empower Israel

2020-09-10 | 🔗
State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus discusses next steps in the Middle East strategy on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Steve well next week at the Steve. Well next week at the White House, President Trump set to host a deal signing ceremony with Israel and the country of the United Arab Emirate Ainsley. This historic agreement earning him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts there in the Middle EAST, Brian Brian, here to discuss this state Department spokesperson, Morgan Ortega. First off this could just be the beginning, couldnt it. I get the sense that Bahrain and reports of Sudan could be next well. We certainly hope that every country in the region recognizes Israel, thats, certainly the ultimate goal. We were very proud just about two weeks ago I was in the Middle EAST and Africa and Sudan, as you mentioned, with Secretary Pompeo, working on the initiatives that the president has set, the Middle EAST Peace deal and its quite an honor to be at the State Department, a part of historic diplomacy, of seeing first arab and israeli peace deal in twenty five years, and we certainly hope theres more to come, and I would
remind your audience Brian, that we get these historic accomplishments, not just because someone has a personality or gives a good speech, but because President Trump and his entire administration has decided to enbold en our allies and friends to empower Israel and to not give billions of dollars to our enemies, Steve Morgan. It is historic what happened, and yet you click around the dial if people still click around the dial, nobody is talking about it. Its no big deal well im, certainly talking about it as much as I can, and because again, its a historic moment when we were in the Middle EAST, we were on the first flight from Israel. The first non stop flight from Israel to Sudan and when youre sitting in those moments its almost hard to soak it in to be in the middle of living history, but this is important because the face of the Middle EAST is changing. You have younger leadership, thats rising up in many areas, especially in the Gulf nation,
and these young Arabs are looking at the challenge of Israel and the palestinian people from a different lens than people. Thirty and forty years ago, were looking and were trying to capitalize on that Steve Morgan. What im suggesting is this is a big deal, a lot of the other channel S and the other reporters they dont want to give the president any credit for it. Well, you know, I know we heard all of the news yesterday about the President being nominated for the Nobel Prize im, one person that doesnt put too much stock in the accolades and prizes of mankind weve had, I think four presidents that have received the Nobel Peace Prize and interestingly, FDR didnt get the Nobel Peace Prize, and even Winston Churchill got a Nobel Prize for literature, not the peace prize, so while im sure its a massive honor for the president to be nominated. I think the real honor is that young children, young israeli children, will now grow up in a world theory. They can visit each others country and
grow up in a world of peace and so for generations. The president has set out a peaceful co existence between Muslims and between Jews and Christians in the Middle EAST, and that is the greatest reward, far more than any prize given by Man Ainsley so Morgan. Yesterday, we were reporting that the president is planning to bring troops home. A third, I believe, is what we heard from Iraq and maybe more to come in Afghanistan whats. The latest on that. Do you know when this will happen so General Mckenzie and the DOD talked about the reduction in forces yesterday, I think its important Ainsley to put a rock into a larger context. We have been there for seventeen years and we now our commanders on the ground have more and more confidence of the ability of the iraqi security forces to operate. Remember what this president inherited. We had to defeat the physical Caliphate of ISIS Caliphate of ISIS. We had to take Baghdadi off of this planet, soulemani others
so the goal after seventeen years. This is a positive step to be at the place where we can have a true production that our commanders on the ground think is appropriate and thats, because we have confidence in the training weve done for seventeen years of the iraqi security forces. Remember weve had two strategic dialogues here at the State Department with the new leadership in Iraq, and it was just you know, seven or eight months ago that I was talking to all of you from the State Department, because our embassy in Iraq had been attacked by malitias, funded by the iranian regime. Eight months ago I didnt know that id be in a place where we could talk about the progress and the economic and diplomatic progress that we have made with Iraq and just a short amount of time. Brian. You got the right Prime Minister Morgan, but the problem is: it gives the wrong message to IRAN and with a few thousand troops, leaving the malitias to be en bold en making things very difficult for an iraqi government that wants to work with us, but the other major story. Brian. There is a grave with
Soulemanis name on it in IRAN that sends all the messages we needed to send Brian. The other big story is the Department of Homeland Security is denying that Adam Schiff is grabbing on to that alleged that the Trump Adminitration was told to play down russian interference in this election and not to bring it forward because it aggravates the president. What could you tell us about that? So Secretary Pompeo was asked about this last night on Shannon Bream and hes talked about the amount of focus that this administration has put on Russia on the past three years, both as his role as director of the CIA and, of course, as secretary of state, we have sanctioned numerous individuals and entities in Russia. Far more than the last administration has done. We worked on the counterterrorism relationship and, quite frankly, I have been in at least four or five meetings around the world between Secretary Pompeo and Foreign Minister and ive, seen Secretary Pompeos, stare him
down and be tough with him and seen him hold no punches, so im very, very confident in the work of the president and the work of the entire administration, especially my boss, MIKE Pompeo, Sergey Lavrov, knows exactly who MIKE Pompeo is exactly what were doing at the State Department holding them accountable. We have Marshall Billingsly, currently negotiating a new start related to strategic weapons, and these are the type of agreements that you couldnt get. Unless you have peace through strength which this administration and Secretary MIKE Pompeo have displayed Steve. Well, there you go plenty.
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