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My wish is Biden really meant it when he called for unity: Goodwin

2020-11-09 | 🔗
New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin tells ‘Fox & Friends’ he is already seeing signs that President-elect Joe Biden’s call for unity was just a bromide toward his own side and has no bearing on Trump supporters.
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Americas newsroom, as we begin a brand new week top of the hour Steve President Elect Joe Biden calling for unity after Democrats resisted the Trump add managers for four more years. Our next guest says: if it really wants unity with Trump supporters, lets see what happens next. New York, Post columnist, Michael Goodwin, joins us now thats the question whats next good morning, Steve Well, look Biden has been talking about unity, a hot and my wish is that a lot and my wish is that he really meant it because already were seeing signs that he didnt. It really has no bearing for the Trump supporters. Seventy million people and counting voted for Donald Trump and if Joe Biden thinks he can just say well, lets all unite now and thats all going to happen. I think hes going to be rudely surprised, because a lot of those people, as you were just reporting, still have serious
doubts about the election results in many states and I think theres the also what exactly mandate did Biden win because certainly theres no support elsewhere up and down the ballots for packing the court. The green new deal these things really got a no vote if youre going to hook at Congress for any of that look at Congress. For any of that, so I think Biden really has to take the size of the trump support seriously if hes going to unite the country, because otherwise, if youre going to refer to them as idiots and racists, as Michelle Obama did, if youre going to try to keep a list as Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez and others are doing, youre going to really find yourself with in a situation of Unresolve, Bl, conflict and thats, not good for the country, so I think Biden frankly, he could go the whole way and say look lets resolve these counting issues. First, lets find out the truth and
lets call on the Democrats to have transparency, because so far he hasnt and its the Democrats, who have blocked up the windows with cardboard and who are appealing all these court decisions. Let it all hang out lets see what really happened in these states thats. The only way, I think, to get people to have confidence in his administration.
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