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Nancy Grace says college admissions scandal is an 'attack on the education system'

2020-08-21 | 🔗
Judge to sentence Loughlin and Giannulli; Fox Nation host Nancy Grace weighs in.
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Look at your headlines send it back to you Ainsley Ainsley. Thank you so much Jillian. Today, Lori Loughlin and her husband will be sentenced in the college admission scandal. Federal prosecutors are calling for the actress to serve two months behind bars and her husband to serve five months. The couple pleaded guilty in May to paying half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into USC here to react is Fox nation host Indianapolis Nancy Grace Good Morning few Nancy Good Morning Ainsley. So what can we expect today? Well, they have them staggered. First of all, Lori Loughlin will be going in 230, p dot m. She is doing from LER husband. Her husband will be earlier in the day around 1100. I expected that the judge, U Dot S District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton, will take the plea remember. This judge is not a little baby in the high chair spoon feeding him. A plea could very well reject the plea there is a chance. He may do that.
Typically, a judge doesnt reject a plea because both sides have agreed to it, but in this case, paying a half a million dollars and faking out USC to try to get your children in no. That is wrong. Plus these two have taken the prosecutors on quite a roller coaster. Ride, claiming that the prosecutors were unethical, that they were fabricating evidence hey, they didnt need to fabricate evidence. These two gave them plenty of evidence all on their own. Those are serious fighting words to claim that you, the prosecutor, are making up the case, withholding and fabricating evidence, huh, uh, thats a serious charge and it thats a serious charge, and it was completely false. There are twenty two people sentenced. How did they get away with this? For so long? You dont usually look at high caliber colleges and university
for crime thats why we are having enough problems fighting street crime, but very rarely do you go into academia to find wrongdoing. The master mind Rick Sanger, would take hundred of thousands of dollars of bribes to place students wrongfully. What really pushes me over the edge is how far, how hard most of husband to fight to get into college, get into law, school and grad school, and these two just wrote a check and were in no thats an attack on the education Ainsley. Will they serve at the same time? I know one is five months and one is two months: well, they are going to ask the judge to stagger it and come on thats, not a big deal, even Theresa, the real housewife somebody will be with the children. I think that will happen, but I think this there is a pretty good chance. They will get out early on compassionate relief because of Covid
look at Felicity Huffman she stood up, she said I did it and sorry there are pictures of her out bringing baked goods to Womens Center. What are these people doing? They are lying and fighting the government and whining online about how much they have been harmed by the investigation. Thats a far cry from felicity.
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