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Nancy Pelosi faces backlash for visiting closed salon in San Francisco

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy reacts, calling Pelosi 'hypocritical' and 'elitist.'
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Victory over progressive Robby, Golsteyn, Brian Brian thanks, Jillian Nancy Pelosi under fire for her trip to the hair salon, despite local ordinances, keeping them closed and then just making them go outside a local salon. Owner telling Fox NEWS quote its a slap in the face that she went in that she feels she can go and get her stuff done, while no one else can go in and I cant work. We are supposed to look up to this woman right. It is just disturbing closed, quote. Fox news, contributor, Fox nation host Rachel Campos Duffy joins us Rachel hard to defend this action. Listen its terrible Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite, but mostly, I think, Americans just really hate this kind of elitism. You know I had to wear a ponytail. I had to cut my kids hair by myself in my companien and made a mess of my poor little 4 year olds, hair. Why does Nancy Pelosi get to do this? Its not just the haircuts and the salons and the business owners who have lost their? You
know their dreams. Many of them have shut down because they cant afford it anymore, but we are talking about people who couldnt bury their grandmothers, but if you were a member of Congress, you could have a funeral for your family member were talking about people who are you know going to restaurants when they are telling people that they cant go to restaurants, its across the board, hypocrisy and its undermining. I think the way we all look at government and all of us want Egal Tarren kind of society where we are all treated equally Brian, undermining or confirming, as the mayor of Philadelphia, goes to Maryland, to go out to lunch without mask. Meanwhile, lets talk about something you are an expert at in many ways. As a member of the hispanic community, it turns out. The president of the United States feels pretty good about his hispanic numbers. He got twenty eight percent in the last election, two thousand and sixteen an election. He won and now an Emerson poll comes out and it shows Joe Biden with sixty percent of the hispanic vote, but Donald Trump with thirty seven percent.
I know its just a poll, but the trend is certainly strong yeah. There is also a silent vote in the hispanic community as well. I think that number may be closer to forty and thats huge. I think one of the things that Donald Trump did very effectively was he treated hispanic. He treated Americans who happen to be Hispanics. He didnt conflate them with illegal immigrants. He understands they care about the same things that you care about. They care about the economy and under the trump economy. Hispanics had never done better. They care about education. They love school choice, they care about socialism. No one knows better than Hispanics. You saw in that convention. How will said this doesnt sound radical to me. This sounds familiar to me. They dont want to bring the bad policies and bad ideologies to America that they escaped from same with security. Security is a real sleeper
issue. I think for Hispanics Brian, because some Hispanics come from places where you know there is no police force or its under funded, and only the rich people get to afford. You know private security and those people left and came here. Those people who Brian, I will add a couple more things say that again Brian, we know because Joe Biden told us Hispanics are diverse. Community Cubans have to feel better about the presidents strategy of not putting an open hand out to the new cuban government, who has done nothing to absolutely Brian. We ward our friendship and attract our friendship and Venezuela. The president has said its not okay. For that dura to stay in power and put pressure there. A lot of those people forced out of wonderful lifestyles and came here, are seeing somebody going to bat in those two separate situations. Do you think thats something absolutely and also Brian dont forget religious liberty.
Religious liberty is very important to Hispanics, faithful people over covid. She saw it was the Democrats who were the most likely to those states the most likely to close up churches and to prevent them from going to mass from going to church, so thats a Huston issue as well, and, of course, if you want to get Hispanics its God family and the freedom to work and very clear that Donald Trump is reaching them. In that way.
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