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NASA gearing up for historic Mars Rover launch

2020-07-26 | 🔗
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Griff welcome back NASA preparing for its latest mission to Mars, with the twenty twenty Perseverance Rover set to launch this weekend or next week. I should say what went into planning this mission x. What do scientists hope to discover here with insight is NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine Good morning Jim? This is exciting news. The window e to launch opening later this week tell us about this mission thats right, so we are launching a robot to Mars. We have e a very unique mission on this. One were actually looking for astrobiology. Can we find signs of ancient life on Mars, so a lot of people are familiar with the curiosity Rover it has made. Some amazing discoveries. Mars is covered with complex organic compounds, the building blocks for life. The question is: was there ever life there? Might there even be
microbial life on Mars today, x, thats, really what the Mars perseverance Rover all about. We are setting the foundation for bringing samples back to earth from Mars. This rover wont do it, but its going to catch the samples were also going to fly a helicopter on Mars for the first time in history and were going to prove that we can use the Mars atmosphere to create oxygen, because President Trump has given us an objective to put an american flag on Mars and to do that were going to go with humans, and all of these thicks are going to be. Things are going to be kind of proven out in this little rover that we call perseverance. I say little its the size of an suv, Griff, wow thats, incredible ive got to get one other story, and that is the pentagons UFO unit could make findings public. I think for those of us who remember the truth is out there. What are we expecting to learn and see so im a Navy pilot myself,
and I can tell you the United States Navy. We fly close to other countries, competitive countries, a lot, and this program is really about identifying capabilities, maybe unknown capabilities of other countries thats, what its about but youre, absolutely right. We, as an agency, are interested in learning whether or not life either does or could have existed on other worlds. We know, for example, that Mars used to be covered in an ocean for its northern hemisphere. We know that it used to have a thick atmosphere and we know that it used to have a magnet9 that protected it from the radiation of deep space. So all of these things Mars had, in other words, Mars, was at one time. Habitable did life exist there and we now go find out evidence of ancient life on Mars Griff and, lastly, your prediction: when these findings come out, do we believe that folks, who are conspiracy, if theorists and others will be
satisfied by what they learn? Oh I dont think folks will ever be satisfied laughter as NASA administrator. I can tell you theres always kinds of conspiracies and I hear from all types of different people, but the reality is. I think this is really a collection opportunity for the United States of America. Griff yep, Jim Bridenstine weve got to leaf it. There.
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