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Nathan's celebrates National Hot Dog Day with 5-cent hot dogs at participating locations

2020-07-22 | 🔗
James Walker, senior vice president of Nathan's Famous Restaurants, joins 'Fox & Friends' from the Coney Island location.
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Steve its your shot of the Steve its your shot of the morning thats a Nathans famous to celebrate national hot dog day, thats right that guy right. There point something: James Walker senior vice president of Nathans, famous restaurants, James Good Morning to you when Nathans started, selling hot dogs back in one thousand nine hundred and sixteen. How much were they and what does that have to do with today? Great question back in nineteen? Sixteen, when great question back in nineteen, sixteen, when Nathan started in Connie Coney, I just a nickel each can I show you inside Steve lets go. I have been to that location, its great and smells perfect as soon as you walk in the door, James, it does and its still early here in the morning, but as you can see, we have already got hot dogs on the grill for you, and we have also set up some hot dogs that viewers at home can make with their own Nathans
famous out of their refrigerator. Ainsley yum is that where the hot dog contest is right out front, Steve used to be so normally every year until this year the hot dog contest was right out on the street here right on the corner this year, undisclosed location, just tell my friends at Fox AMP friends- was actually upstairs here in this building. Ainsley very nice got to bring my daughter down there Steve. You have been down There- Steve yes, indeed, Coney Island, so Fun Ainsley. If you want to get a hot dog for five cents at any of those participating Nathans locations, can you go today from noon to 500 Griff you have got to go Steve got to go Griff I get those you can buy them here in d, dot C at the Safeway store.
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