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Navarro praises Trump for fast-tracking COVID-19 vaccine development

2020-07-27 | 🔗
Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, joins 'Fox & Friends' with an update.
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Steve overnight Chinese Steve overnight, chinese officials taking control Consulate of Chengdu, Ainsley workers, allegedly burned secret documents, Brian here more on the tension, Peter Navarro. First off we were expecting response of consulate in Houston. Were you expecting that response? I was stunned by the word allegedly about the fires. We all saw that on tv look, this is not my lane, let Secretary Pompeo and President Trump handle it. The only thing I can say that you and I both know that the Chinese Communist Party steals from America
Chengdu theres a fighter G20 Chengdu, G20 China, Communist Party stole completely from the Pentagon. So this is what we are up against, what im more focused on and what the president is more focused on today is helping the american people fight the China virus and what we are doing today, its a beautiful thing. We are going down to the research triangle Park in North Carolina to visit a company called Fuji Dio subcontractor to Novaxx. President Trump is shooting for January two thousand and twenty one to have three million doses of vaccine, and here is the thing. This is the only president who really could have got this done and whats going to be effectively
half or a third of the time that it usually takes, and the reason why, the old days, the way vaccines were developed, it was a sequential process where you found something that works in the first part of the sequence, and then you did phase one two three trials for safety and efficacy, and only then would think about mass producing in large scale. President Trump says: no, we are not going to do it that way what we will do. Simultaneous development of the whole process and be ready so that, if that vaccine from Novaxx or Pfizer is ready to go, would have tremendous bandwidth to manufacture at scale thats. What Fuji is about today, thats? Why we will be down there with the ceo of Novaxx, should be a great trip facility, high tech and emblem of America, Steve Peter. There are some who are suggesting. You know the president just wants to make
sure that he has an October surprise. So, before the election, he can say. Look we have a vaccine that works. I delivered a vaccine. Its coming hang on. Reelect me lets not look. I think we are all tired of this politicization of the China virus back in February, right after the president pulled down the flights, I was personally involved on behalf of the President working with Hhs. To put this operation work speed back in February. We knew what we could be up against and working day and night on this, and the fact that we could get this in January of twenty twenty one instead of January two thousand and twenty two is testament to a president who is business, oriented and knows how to get things done. Lets not talk about politics when it comes to saving american
lives, because what we are trying to do here is is develop that vaccine. At the same time, we are moving at warp speed on therapeutics as well and just last week, because the nursing homes are one of the worst targeted populations. We started major effort there directly to help nursing homes, so we are fighting this China virus battle on all vectors, and tomorrow we will have a big trip and surprise as well. Thats going to be great for the american people, people Ainsley. I know that your real Ainsley, I know that your real is health, trade and beforing manufacturing who would get vaccines first, not my lane, Trump time as quickly as possible,
how they are dispensed, thats Alex Azars job and the folks over across the way there Brian Peter. Do you regret writing the editorial criticizing Dr Fauci laughter? You know. The only thing I regret is Dr Faucis pitch the other day at opening day. I felt bad for him, but I always looked forward and we are all part of the team and he actually tells people to wear the mask and my job is to get them made. Brian, have you spoken to him since I have not Steve? What would you like to say to them? Lets fight the China virus and beat it together with the President, Steve all right, very good.
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