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Navy Seal Hudson River Swim on raising money for veterans

2020-08-02 | 🔗
Kinny Callahan, Navy ‘Warrior Challenge’ recruiter, and Bill Brown, Navy Seal veteran, join ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Pete get ready for this. One PETE get ready for this one its been one year since I dove I dot rs. Had he done first into the Hudson River: are W thirty Navy S, dot, ea dot, ls to raise money, foreign policy veterans well its time to do it all over again joining us live from next weeks, starting point in Liberty, State Park, New Jersey are two men swimming alongside me: Navy S, DOT, ea, DOT, L, veteran Bill Brown and Navy recruiting Warrior Challenge coordinator, Kenny Callahan. Thank you both for being here this morning. Im excited bill were doing this all for the Gi Go fund, raising money for veterans. I cant believe im doing it again. Let me be honest, but what are we looking forward to this year? Hey PETE were looking for a great time for a great cause, going to raise some money to help veterans to help the GI go, help veterans to help the GI go message this year were going to do it a little different going to open it up to all war fighters, all police officers and all firefighters cause. We got nothing but love for all those who put it on the
for our country. Pete, amen, Kenny, youre, part of the Navy, recruiting warrior change, recruiting Warrior Change Navy got to imagine highlighting something like this is important for recruiting, but really for honoring veterans as well. Absolutely so Warrior challenge coordinator, which means all of New York, city, northern New Jersey, S, dot, ea, dot, L, divers, air rescue contact, your local navy recruiter and theyll eventually put you in touch with me: im the active duty s, dot, ea dot, L that is in charge of the physical screening test, thats required for candidates to get a special contract and try out in the pipeline Griff Bill. I got to jump in there for a little bit of preview bill. Thirty seven. How do you think PETE will do this year for our viewers who may have forgotten last year? He had just a little bit of assistance in staying with the front pack. Hey, I think Petes going to do great hes got a lot of courage. It takes a lot of bravery to get
out there swim across one of the most dangerous rivers in the country, let alone with thirty three plus Navy S: dot ea dot, Ls Jedediah. Do you guys have any last minute tips for him this time around? The thing that helped me is remembering is he crossed Green Buoy number thirty, five im look at the Freedom Tower im, looking ground, zero and im, remembering why im out there in the first place im remembering the trip that I myself and my troops took at ground zero before we went on our afghan deployment in two thousand and twelve, seventy seven Navy S, DOT, ea, dot, LS started at ground zero and thought about where we were going and what was going to happen when we got there that November 1st two thousand and twelve bad audio PETE amen its all about the. Why.
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