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Navy veteran wins seat in Congress

2020-12-16 | 🔗
Florida congressman-elect and 26-year Navy veteran Scott Franklin wins the state's 16th district, keeping the seat red.
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Ainsley, you might ask why ideas related to socialism become so appealing across our country. These pays Florida congressman Elect. Scott Franklin has a theyre frankly, who served twenty six years with the Navy or the Navy reserves kept Floridas District fifteen red after defefeating the incouple bent in the primaries and Democrat Allen Cone in the general election, and he joins us now good morning. Scott thanks for being with us and thank you for your service good morning, Ainsley. Thank you Ainsley. I any you represent the Lakeland area between Tampa and Orlando. Congratulations on your big win. We wanted to have you on because you feel very strongly about not taking our freedoms for granted. Explain what your mission is. I would love to see our country get back to its roots and understanding exactly the kind of principles that made us great to begin with. Sadly, that education has been taken out of the school system over the years and kids today, dont understand what our repub best of luck is
based on and they think free stuff is good and equate free stuff with socialism, which we all know is wrong Ainsley. What is the reason? Is it a lack of basic civics thats, a part of it, its been taken out of the system and not a source for people to get that education, anymore Ainsley? What were you surprised about when you were running? I was amazed how little people I considered to be educated government system and people who didnt know who their congressman were. Who thought I was going to be going to Tallahassee once I was elected for Congress and thought I was running for Senate, these are people I would have thought would have known better its, not just the kids Ainsley. You ran on a pro trump christian conservative message, platform to fight socialism and reopen our economy. If there is anyone, we need to turn to its you, because you went to the Naval Academy twenty six years in the Navy and reserves. You flew jets off of aircraft carriers. What did you learn? How did that experience help you today? Well, first of all, it was the greatest privilege of my life and I would recommend it to anyone.
The thing I learned is just really how precious our freedoms are here. In the country I had an opportunity to see the world. I experienced a lot of different cultures, which is great. I always consider those my America appreciation tours and always glad to get back home Ainsley. How scary is it the direction our country is going? It is scary, very pivotal time in the country, trips history, our very republic, hangs on getting citizens engaged and informed and involved its great that we had a lot of people show up to vote in this last election. I dont think a lot of people understand the deeper issues need to make sure they are educated Ainsley. Lastly, what does freedom mean to you, its everything, its the opportunity to pursue the american dream? I truly believe in american exceptionalism, not just by nature. We are born better than others, its the whole philosophy that our country was founded for a government of the people by the people and for the people we have to protect that Ainsley. Thank you for your military service and now serving us down there in Florida. Thank you so much for being on.
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