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Nearly 100K defective absentee ballots sent in New York City

2020-10-01 | 🔗
Center for American Liberty Founder Harmeet Dhillon predicts there will be ‘chaos around the time of the election.’
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Brian wow thanks Ashley, um, huh, Steve all right Brian. Thank you very much on the cover of the New York Post today. Look at this story down here vote chaos. We have been hearing a lot about that. The vendor that botched one hundred thousand absentee ballots sent Toe Brooklyn voters with return envelopes bearing incorrect names and incorrect addresses, acknowledged workers, compensation that the screw up also extends to long island as well. We have heard a lot about vote. Chaos lets now talk to constitutional law, attorney and Co. Chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association, Harmeet Dhillon, who joins us from the West Coast, where it is 330 in the morning Harmeet good morning to you good morning, happy to be here, Steve good to have you as well. We have heard a lot out on the campaign trail about vote chaos because of the pandemic. A lot of people are wondering whether or not they should vote in person and people who are vulnerable are being advised not to what do you make of this, where
there are problems with the way this is being executed? Well, this is a huge problem because under the law, where this type of mismatch that you just described occurs, all of those ballots could be invalidated. Now some people may have caught this in time because of reporting like yours and the New York Post, but many people may have already voted those flawed ballots and those votes could be tossed out. This is one of the reason that the president and others criticized this automatic mail in voting, because a larger proportion of ballots get tossed out for mistakes under mail in balloting than n person balloting. There are many other types of mistakes: the vote by the refusal of states to purge outdated voter roles. Many of my friends have reported multiple ballots arriving at their homes for the people who lived there five and ten years ago. This is a huge problem. I think we are going to have chaos around the time of the election Steve. You are not the only one to forecast that what they are here in New York City. I heard
from somebody who works on our crew that apparently they got an absentee ballot in the mail. A couple of days ago- and there was no protective envelope, that means when they send it back its going to immediately be disqualified, according tout rules, unless they wave those. In the meantime, the city comptroller, is suggesting. You know what there are so many problems just go vote in person, which is a different message than what we have heard over the last couple of months right. Well, this citizen is voting in person to the extent possible, meaning im going to fill in my ballot and turn it n person. There is no option in California to vote in person in this election cycle, and so you know, a lot of people are going to question whether their vote was counted in this election, which will lead to Litigation Steve speaking of litigation. When you take it all the way up to the Supreme Court, usually you argue in front of nine justices, but the Democrats are talking about. Look Donald Trump should not have put this name out were going to hold him accountable. Everything is on the table,
including the suggestion that they pack, the court, have more than nine justices, which would then you know, ultimately they would bring in people that they like. Here are a couple of senators yesterday, talking about that and perhaps eliminating the filibuster. Can each of you tell me where you stand on the possibility, eliminating the filibuster? If we do elect a majority, we will all get together and everything will be on the table. Nothing will be off the table im open to that discussion, but it wont happen unless the Democrats take back the Senate Steve the problem harmeet if they do it. If the Democrats do it this time, eventually, you think this could come back to haunt them. Well, absolutely. This is a terrible idea and Democrats should know its a terrible idea of all people they eliminated decades of prececedent. In this regard, datin prececedent in this regard, Datin back to nineteen. Seventy five. There was a three slash, 5ths
cloture rule in the Senate that allowed the minority to have important things in how we confirm justices and others. They eliminated that in twenty twelve Harry Reid to D to ram through a Supreme Court Justice Republicans did it again in twenty seventeen when they lowered the threshold for confirming justice Gorsuch. So two can play that game. It eliminates protections for the minority Democrats are going to regret it one day. I hope they dont do something.
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