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Nearly 20% of Major League Soccer players tested postive for COVID-19 during 2020 season

2020-12-12 | 🔗
U.S. Soccer Hall of Famer Alexi Lalas on the impact the coronavirus has had on Major League Soccer.
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And free premium delivery, when you add a base ends Monday, will welcome back. Twenty percent of soccer will welcome back twenty percent of soccer players tested positive for Covid 19 at some point. This season, thats according to an official with major League Soccer Players association. This comes as more Columbus crew players test positive to the virus this week, just ahead of the MLS Cup final lets bring in u DOT S soccer hall of Famer and Fox Sports analyst Alexi Lalas to talk about the effect. Tell us how this game could be impacted by any Covid 19 positive cases. Well, look! This is two thousand and twenty. This is what leagues, and this is what businesses deal with and you have to be able to be flexible and adjust. I think major league soccer has done a tremendous job in to twenty of tipping2020businesses survive th. There have been layoffs and
furloughs and pay cuts, like all businesses out there, mls bubble down in Orlando, completed regular season playoffs and here in Columbus for MLS Cup. A lot of goes to men and women been able to do this and players on the field who have dealt with two thousand and twenty and two thousand and twenty is Covid will. As I mentioned, the MLS Cup final is tonight. This is the conclusion of the season. 25Th season its on fox. There is going to be a special, the MLS featuring the Columbus crew and Seattle Sounders tonight at 800 p, DOT M eastern time. I like how you frame this game. Two franchises on the cusp of something crew were on the cusp of extension just a few years ago, and you think the sounders are on the cusp of a dynasty. You have the Seattle Sounders, who now have been for the last four of five mls cups and possibly winning three of those cups on the cusp of what is a lot of people would consider a dynasty which isnt that easy in a league like Mss, and then you have the Columbus crew who three
years ago, I will raise my hand, I thought they were leaving and the people in Columbus said. No, we are going to save the crew. They got new ownership, they are not only in MLS Cup today, but they also have a new stadium come online, not for the indr he haddable work for the people of Columbus and the fans. This team would not be here. This is a celebration of what was is and what is to come will absolutely. I know you have talked in the past im. A big soccer fan excited to watch tonight, the MLS Cup final, big story for Columbus.
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