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Nevada neighborhood lights up blue to show police support

2020-08-17 | 🔗
Mesquite residents Bobbi Kuspa and John Swanson and Mesquite Police Dept. Sgt. Wyatt Oliver on the outpouring of support.
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Ainsley all right, thanks Jillian, you will love this story. One Nevada neighborhood is going glow back. The blue mesquite police, sharing this image, showing every house lighting up their porches in blue to show the supporter for the police officers there. The department saying quote they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there arent enough words to explain what this picture means to us here. To tell us more is sergeant Wyatt Oliver in the Mesquite Police Department, and so nice residents who helped organize these lights. Have you Bobby? Can you say PA and Sean Swanson good Morning to all three of you good morning, good morning, good morning, Ainsley Bobby, I will start with you. Your neighbor did this first and you followed. You were the second person in the neighborhood to do this right, correct Ainsley. So why did you do it? Well, because we like to support our police and we had done this one other time we have a neighbor that lost her son in the line of duty.
Well, those light bulbs burned out when my neighbor got the blue. It was time to start all over again for our police doing their great job here in Mesquite John. How did you get involved? Well, once Bobby gets involved in something she starts, and I think im the only one, my age stupid enough to get up on a ladder, laughter Ainsley, so how many homes are lit up in your neighborhood. We have at this moment because two more lit up last night. We now have forty Ainsley thats great, so sergeant Oliver. What does this mean to you and your department yeah? This is so important to us. You look at the picture and you can tell that its a very powerful image and actually drive through there at night. Its more brings out a lot of emotions, especially with everything going on in the country. Right now. It means so much to us that our community has come together to express the show of support for us Ainsley. You know our country is divided rise now Bobby. Have you had any backlash?
Absolutely not were just getting. Where can we get these light bulbs, but we dont want to tell too many people yet because we are still ordering John just placed another order last night, Ainsley? Okay, so how are you all search, paying individual light bulb, but you are buying them in bulk. We are buying them and been buying them in sixes and tens and people just pay them for it thats how its working? We are just a neighborhood and thats how our neighborhood works. Besides John, there is about four other men that are grayly climbing ladders. To put the light bulbs up, Ainsley John, you be careful doing that. Are there other neighborhoods that have followed you? Yes, we just found out that there is a neighborhood right next to us that are trying to get permission from their Hoa to start the program, not a program, but to start this Ainsley sergeant Oliver. I know you are about an hour and fifteen
minutes fleet of of LOS Angeles, LAS Vegas. Tell me about your community whats, the makeup of it. We do have a large retirement community, but we have a lot of young families as well. We are a great mix right along interstate one hundred and fifty six thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. There are a lot of people coming from all areas of the world Ainsley. What was the reaction from the community? Sorry to cut you off? What was the reaction from the all of the police officers that you work with and the community? Are you hearing good response and are a lot of people traveling into this neighborhood to go? Take a look at the lights yeah! I havent heard if anybody actually going out of their way from out of town just to visit the neighborhood. All the officers are very grateful. You know like we said before this community really supports us, the citywide does, and that starts from the mayor and City Council. They have always supported us and Ainsley Bobby. Do you mind if people do bring their kids its such a teachable moment for
them and drive through the neighborhood, absolutely thought? In fact, we were out the other night looking at some of the lights that had gone up that day and we had, I think two or three cars go by up and down the street. Looking at our lights, no, we dont mind Ainsley, okay. Well, God bless you all. Thank you so much.
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