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New England Patriots shut down facilities after new positive COVID-19 test

2020-10-11 | 🔗
Fox Sports NFL reporter Jen Hale joins 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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Will this just in will this just in the New England Patriots shut down its facility this morning after a new positive covid 19 test? According to reports, the NFL is reportedly pelage to still play the Broncos Patriots game tomorrow. The titans also announcing they closed their facility after a staff member tested positive for coronavirus here was an up to date, Fox Sports, Jim Hale. We only have a minute or two. We only have a minute or two this we get positive tests, but the NFL seems to be working around them and rescheduling games. It doesnt, shut down the league right now, right, yeah good morning will exactly you nailed it. This protocol, the NFL, has put in place which, by the way they strengthened this week, it does seem to be working. If teams follow it. Unfortunately, for the patriots and the Titans, they just got back into their facilities yesterday from the first scare, but this is what you have to do to be safe and to be able to continue playing, and hopefully these new strengthened protocols. Things
like you have to have five buses instead of two or three no position. Group all on the same bus spreading people out. Hopefully we will continue to see a positive impact and see will we got a full slate on Fox NEWS today of Games. Im. Sorry Fox sports today Rams at Washington theres a quarterback change in Washington, Washington Panthers Falcons. What do you think really quickly? We should be looking for in terms of stars and big games terms of stars and big games. Kyle Alan takes over makes his debut in Washington, but ive got the rams in this the way theyre running the ball hard to stop eagles a Steelers Fun battle in Pennsylvania, but im taking the Steelers Panthers at falcons. I love the Falcons. What Matt Ruhle is doing is great im taking the Falcons, because I dont think theyre going to go. 0 5 theyre going to go up and play.
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