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New Jersey high school swimmers petition Gov. Murphy to keep pools open

2020-12-01 | 🔗
Andy Moss and Jerry Zheng react to Murphy’s suspension of indoor sports on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Effective this Saturday at effective this Saturday at 600, a dot m December five, all in door, youth and adult sports, including both practices and competitions and inclusive of all risk levels set. Fourth by Department of Health, are being placed on a full and complete pause for January two, two thousand and twenty one. The only exceptions are for collegiate level and professional teams Steve. You got New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy, cracking down on indoor sports in his state, including swimming with new restrictions, going into effect this Saturday, as you just heard this, as a new survey, finds absolutely not one covid infection at forty four different New Jersey, indoor pool facilities since July two Andy MOSS and Jerry Sing compete with the Summerset Hills, YMCA Swim team. They join us now guys good morning to you hi good morning. Thank you so much for having us Steve its good to have you so
Andy lets start with you. I dont quite understand what the governor is doing. Hes closing down your pool, even though theres been absolutely not one case traced back to the pool yeah, we were definitely disappointed in the news. However, we know that the pandemic is super serious and especially given the rise in cases its more important now than ever to take the precautions and the guideline seriously. However, we know that back over the summer, when we opened up our petition, we were back from the science from the CDC that said that chlorine kills Corona and based off that we were able to open up the pools and follow the guidelines and all season. Up to this pint point, our Y coaches, fellow swimmers, have done a terrific job, keeping us healthy and safe, and with the given study showing there were no reported cases across the forty four pools in New Jersey, we feel like weve earned the right. We have evidence, weve proven ourselves that we can train in a
safe manner, Steve and the two of you guys were on this program in May. Talking about how safe it really was. You started a petition. You had eighteen thousand signatures and youve gotten even more since then, Jerry tell us a little bit about how the coaches make sure that youre safe when youre competing and when youre even practicing yeah. So our coaches and our organization has been working very hard to ensure that every swimmer and every athlete is safe during our practices and meets so every day. Before practice we have to fill out a questionnaire on an app called team snap and then, when we get to the pool, we have our mask s on and we get our temperatures taken before we enter the pool. Then during practices we are socially distanced. We put our bags and our equipment in a designated area, thats six feet apart from other people and during meets, we all wear masks until we race. So we have our masks on until we get to the
blocks and then we put it in a little plastic bag and put it in a bin behind the blocks, and then we dive in and swim our event and after we get out of the pool we put our mask back on and we do our normal warmdown procedures, Steve yeah. Well, it certainly sounds like youre doing everything safely so Andy before you go theres a possibility. The governor could actually be watching this whats your message to him about, given the precautions youre taking and the fact there have been zero infections traced back to indoor swimming in New Jersey at these pools. Whats your message to Governor Murphy. As you know, and as we all know, the top priority obviously is safety Steve. Of course, everyone knows how important it is to follow the science and we have the science. The CDC knows that chlorine kills. The virus USA Swimming put out very strict guidelines that our pool at the Y and all of the other
pools in New Jersey and im sure across the country are following extremely strictly and given this study and given how routine and disciplined weve been at our y, we know that if we follow the science and if we continue to follow the science, we can and should get back to training in a safe way, Steve Jerry. Is there anything youd like to add to the governor yeah. We obviously already said safety is number one priority and we have showed swimmers are disciplined and very focused athletes who will train and follow safety procedures to make sure that our sport is continuing in the future, and this is very important. This is a big part of our lives and many of us are swimming looking forward to swimming in college and we are trying to get times that will be very crucial for the recruiting process. So this is a very big part of our lives and were ensuring that we can do anything to keep the sport going Steve. Indeed, I get it,
but just the fact there have been zero infections and you do think safely. Its got to be frustrating Andy, MOSS and Jerry Zheng. We thank you both for joining us from out in new.
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