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New Jersey restaurant thanks Barstool Fund for donation

2021-01-08 | 🔗
Rachel McNamara, daughter of Jack's Cafe owners, discusses her heartfelt video made to save family business and how a business closure would destroy the New Jersey community of Verona.
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Fund helping struggling small businesses to stay afloat, small businesses like this one, my name is Rachel Mcnamara, and these are my parents, the proud owners of jacks caf. It has become harder to keep these doors open. They dont deserve to go out like that, like that, no one does Steve thanks to Dave Portnoy and the barstool fund. Jacks caf is one of ninety two businesses across the UK getting help that they need to joining us now, Jack of jacks in Corona, New Jersey and Marianne Mcnamara, the owner of jacks CAF and their daughter, Rachel Mcnamara Good Morning to all of you good morning. How are you, Brian, we are doing great
great show your family restaurant means so much to you when we saw that video you were even emotional about your family. You dont want to see it go under. I take a lot of pride in it seeing it grow over the years. It means so much people that have been coming here for years to see that disappear. Every single day is something that, if.
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