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New Jersey Veterans Network on mission to help local heroes and their families

2020-12-22 | 🔗
Michael Boll, founder and president of the N.J. volunteer organization, explains the mission to connect veterans to the resources they need to overcome unique challenges.
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Act now, your benefits may be changing in the new year PETE during a difficult year. One New Jersey Organization is continuing to go above and beyond to better the lives of local veterans and their families run entirely by volunteers. The New Jersey Veterans network is dedicated to connecting our heros with the resources they need to overcome the unique challenges they face here with more on the mission: U Dot S Marine corps veteran and founder, and president of the New Jersey Veterans Network, Michael Bole, Michael, thank you so much for being with us this morning, fantastic initiative, vets, helping vets, tell us what youre doing at this even more difficult time. Well, we decided to really step up during covid. A lot of families are hurting right now and we were able to provide thousands of masks Ppe throughout the entire state.
We went to memorial, homes, v, DOT, a hospitals and just dropped off tons of Ppe, but also we bought food. We fed our service people, we fed three thousand five hundred veterans and also our national guardsmen during this crisis, and we are continuing working every day to provide our veterans and the service people the stuff that they need to get through this pandemic. Pete and Michael its vets, helping events and my experience is oftentimeses its the veteran helping thats helped just as much as the individual receiving the cower as well the care as well its a team effort. You know we want to make sure that the veteran feels comfortable and able to work in that environment. We also have non veterans that really are learning how to interact with9 veterans and it becomes a family, a new unite for everybody PETE. Yes, I hear this all the time. Vets organizations like this across the country. They create a second family for vets who are looking for the next chapter or purpose. If our viewers want to help the
New Jersey Veterans Network, how can they? You know moneys great, but we need volunteers. Volunteers are so important in this country they get overlooked. Sometimes volunteers are the ones that help during every crisis because they want to be a part of it. They dont get paid. They want to do anything they can to help every crisis. We need people out there to help us with our mobile outreach and really get out there and stop stop the twenty two veterans dying every day. Pete, absolutely Michael youve won the uniform, worn the uniform. Now you founded this organization and continue to give back to veterans. Where can our viewers check out more on you guys they can go to www dot, Njvn DOT, Org PETE got it njvn dot com? If you want Dotorg? Excuse me, Michael Boll. Thank you. So much for your service to our country.
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