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New Jersey voters weigh in on upcoming Election Day

2020-11-01 | 🔗
‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain talk to New Jersey voters.
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Todd with two days to go Todd with two days to go momentum at an all time high, including in New Jersey, where more than three million votes have already been cast, Jillian PETE, Hegseth and will Kane are talking with voters at the toast city diner in as Asbur Park new you, New Jersey, PETE. Have you not eaten yet im happy to have a friend at the diner I get lonely will is here im glad to have him were excited to be talking to voters thats. Why were here you go to the diner circuit with PETE its like im here nice to meet you as well, but this is PETE leg. Hegseth were about to kick off a couple days on the road we want to talk to folks ill talk to a few people ill hand it over to you. Ladies. How are you young, ladies? If I may say what is your name
Jerry and Jenna Jenna? What im asking everyone? How you are you feeling going into Tuesday whats your sense of where we are as a country? I already voted and im thrilled im happy, I think, were going to do great, especially like in a town like Asbury. I think its so important that were here youre here and youre, asking the people, those questions you feel great. Why first of all Trump has so much im in his age category and he has done things that he promised and its unfortunate theyre, not repeat, theyre, not talking about it both internationally, and here I think, thats so important, because it helps everybody, not just a group but everybody how about you? Well, I like the fact that hes, not a politician, you know many of his interviews. He has said im more for the blue collar people. I am not a politician and we shouldnt expect him to be like a politician speaking the way they do on that front. He has not changed theres, no doubt about that as well.
I want toes it over to you toss it over to you im with Bonnie Russo, who grew up in the area not far from Asbury Park and works in the flail pharmaceutical Industr hows the year been for you and your business, its a small business, just like any small business weve had our struggles along the way, but we have not missed one day. Not one beat. We saw the beautiful ladies down at the other end of the diner talking about the way New Jersey could go. How do you feel about the area New Jersey, historically, a blue state? How do you feel about it this year? Im not really pleased, as a matter of fact, ill be getting out of New Jersey, soon, im, not really for anything that the governor stands for there, you have it not happy with the way New Jersey is going right now well see how it goes in. What is it now, two or three days from now its going to be awesome, breakfast with friends, PETE and
will will be live on Fox AMP friends all morning long coming up, I hope you enjoy the Jersey shore on your one day. There will a little cold but ill head.
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