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New Mexico restaurant owner defies order to close amid pandemic

2020-07-18 | 🔗
Owner of Pizza Inn, Michael Moore, shares his story on ‘Fox and Friends.’
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Griff after getting the Go Griff after getting the go ahead to reopen dining rooms over a month ago, restaurants in New Mexico ordered to close indoor dining again next guest, defying the governors order, saying it would be a death sentence for his business. He joins us now MIKE good morning to you, so you say this good morning: Griff Griff, you say this would be a death sentence and you are going to defy. Are you concerned about the consequences? Explain not at this point. We are concerned about fighting for our business and the right to stay open and for our employees thats. One of the main reasons we are doing this. If we were to close again this time, we would have to lay off over a third of our staff of ninety employees and they have families to provide for thats one of the main reasons. We are doing this that and put our whole business in jeopardy to close the dining rooms down again Griff the public has been involved. Have you had people protesting
this and have you had the environmental authorities there going after pizza inn and such restaurants? Where does it stand right now? Well, apparently, we were served on Monday with the notice of extension of our food permit. Since then, we havent heard back from them. We have also been you know, threatened with five thousand dollars a day, fines for defying the order. As of right now we havent heard much from the state or officials since Monday Griff. We have a comment from Governor Grishams Office. Here is what she says: there are consequences for violating the public health order. This business center will spread the virus and infect people in his community. Everyone knows how hard this is for businesses and the state has done and will continue to do everything it can for affected workers. Mike your reaction to the governors statement there we can v been doing this for the last six weeks.
We went through so many protocols just to get back open after being closed for twelve weeks spent thousands of dollars to right way, buffet and to make it safe for our employees and our customers to come into the store and the food industry as a whole. We can open safe, provide Griff. How, though, let me play devils advocate? How will you keep them safe? Well, I mean we are doing the social distancing, all of our tables six feet apart, like we are supposed to say, we have sanitizer dispensers in multiple places in the restaurant we ask all of our employees are wearing gloves and masks. We ask the customers to put on gloves when they come up to the bar. They are not touching anything plates silver, Silverware Nothi on the tables, its a totally safe environment and the customers. They are happy. They see what we are doing. They tell us, they appreciate
what we are doing Griff just in the few seconds we have left. Do you intend to ride this out as long as you can? As long as we can? Yes, we do, I mean we will take it day by day. We plan to do this. If we close down now its going to jeopardize our business and, more importantly, put all of these employees out of work. They are like family to us and thats, just not an option right now: Griff all right, Michael Moore, owner of Pizza, Inn in Hobbs, New Mexico.
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