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New op-ed slams Kamala Harris' questioning of Kavanaugh

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, joins 'Fox & Friends.'
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I would think that anyone I would think that anyone privileged to be nominated to the Supreme Court would want to be confirmed in a process that is not under a cloud. Could a reasonable person question your independence in cases involving the presidents, civil or criminal liability? Do you agree that it is possible for men to both be friends with some women and treat other women badly will been two years since the contentious confirmation hearings for Justice, Brett Kavanaugh in a new op ed, our next guest says never forget that Kamala Harriss cruel lies in the Kavanaugh confirmation, former clerk to Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas CARE Reseverino, as an attorney myself, I find myself increasingly depressed at due process, is declining of importance in this country,
viral videos or moments from Kamala Harris the truth that was not about due the truth that was not about due process anyway. Was it Carrie? It was to raise her profile. She she put out three thousand six hundred different ads. People were shocked. She announced run for presidency shortly thereafter she was doing leading questions. Gotcha questions would never pass muster in a courtroom. Someone who likes to style herself as great attorney she looks like she is trying to play Perry Mason on TV in the Kavanaugh confirmation. It was really shameful. She tried to use that for her own political ends, will not only time either. Is it Carrie didnt she Kamala Harris accept. Originally the accusations of Joe Biden made by Tara Reid. It was not a process of due process. Then either was it. It was something else, something political, absolutely
when Tara Reid about a dozen other women at the time that Kamala Harris was running for president when they said that he had touched them inappropriately and been inappropriate in different ways. She said, I believe them a lot of people did. She was very happy when it was in her political interests to jump on that, of course, when the tables were turned a year later, when Tara Reid, it was actually a lot more serious than that a case of rape. She was accusing him off the same woman who thought you couldnt do enough to investigate decades old claims against Brett Kavanaugh, with no evidence said to this women who had people contemporaneously what she was saying had more evidence. She had more evidence of meeting Joe Biden than that was the top run, for vice presidential spot sounds like her loyalty to Joe Biden over due process, certainly paid off, for her at least
will odd that Kamala Harris would suggest. Joe Biden was guilty of these charges. Also, by the way, someone who would have kept segregation in place essentially called him. A racist from the debate stage would argue for him to be president of the United States. It would seem, as you point out, Carrie. The truth is not guiding these decisions in these.
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