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New political PAC promotes veterans’ issues

2020-12-07 | 🔗
Lt. Col. Daniel Gade tells ‘Fox & Friends’ why he decided to launch the New Mission PAC after losing his Senate race in Virginia.
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Ainsley one Republican Ainsley, one republican candidate, is rebounding from Senate loss by focusing on the men and women who serve our nation as an army veteran himself. Our next guest is launching packets aimed at issues and candidates heading to Georgia to help republican candidates in the January runoff. Here with more, is former Virginia Senate candidate. Lieutenant colonel Daniel Gabe Good Morning great, be here, Ainsley. Sorry about your loss. I know its heart breaking as you candidates work so hard going forward. How are you using this to benefit veterans? I woke up in November fourth on the greatest country in earth and going back to work to fight for our slals new mission, PAC, dot com and foe, using can on veterans and getting better and friendly candidates elected our first mission is we are going to take some money and take some activity down to Georgia. If you are one of Georgias
six hundred and forty thousand veterans- or you want to help in the Georgia Senate, races go to our website and check it out, and then in two thousand and twenty one im going to work on winning back the house of delegates in Virginia by helping veteran and conservative candidates right here in Virginia Ainsley. What is the track record for veterans when it comes to voting in elections? Well, veterans vote actually in a little bit lower rate than you would expect and a lot lower rate than they should, because they know what it means to sacrifice. They know what it means to serve. They have already had an oath to the constitution, and so those are the people we wants in office and those are the people that I think that we really should target and help get out. The vote Ainsley tell us what happened in two thousand and six. I know you were in Iraq and lost your leg. Tell us what happened. Yeah serves company commanders of a tank company west of Baghdad in a place called Ramadi and got hit by a room. It was the second time I got wounded and ended up losing my right level leg or giving my right leg at the hip
spent a year in the hospital and stayed in the army on active duty for another thirteen years. Ultimately, teaching at West Point and getting a ph dot d. It was great Ainsley. How do you get through something like that? Well think, hard work and grill, we dont know each other, but I have a very hard head and so im somebody who is just always going to do always just going to keep working hard and I just decided Ifsdz going to thrive. I have a wife and I have got now three kids at the time. I only had one and I just decided that I had to be this sort of person who could still provide for my family and still do all of that hard work, and so I did- and I hope that I can an inspiration to her veterans and other Americans as they look at our servicemen and women. Today is Pearl Harbor day as people look at our servicemen and women. I hope they see stories of resiliency and grit im happy to be one of those Ainsley all right Daniel. We wish you all the best. Thank you for serving our country. God bless you. Thank you. So much.
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