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New York City rings in 2021 with toned-down celebration in Times Square

2021-01-01 | 🔗
New York firefighter Jonathan Kasouf says the experience was ‘completely different’ from the city’s previous New Year’s celebrations.
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Jason, the new years Eve celebration in New York City last night was much quieter than normal. The legendary ball drop was off limits to all crowds, except for a select group of front line heroes. Our next is a New York City firefighter who has worked and protected the New York Times. Square ball drop celebration for years. So what was the atmosphere like last night? Joining me now is Jonathan of the Fdny engine sixty five sir. Thank you so much for joining us. You were going to go to this as you have in years past, but you didnt quite make it there tell us what happened. Well, normally we go down there and watch the ball drop and its filled with people millions of people literally, but this year they kind of shut everything down. It was pretty much off limits to just the people working the Times square. We did get to see the ball drop, but not actually in times
square completely different than years. Past Jason, you know, have you gone to bed yet? Are you still on shift? I have not gone to bed, yet we were pretty busy all night Jason. Well, ive got to tell you Jonathan. There are people across this country that are first responders theyre policemen, theyre firemen. They work in the ambulances. The Emts youve got nurses, doctors, people just hike you order, like you, ordinary Americans, doing extraordinary things. I hope you understand and feel the support and love of the american people for what you do were just ordinary people. You know were no different than anybody else. Im doing my job and I love doing my job and I look forward to doing it every day I go to work every day with a smile on my face, even though the outlook is you know pretty grim sometimes, but I always have a smile on my face. I love doing it. Jason tell the american people if you had a message to share
with everybody. What do you want them to know about the New York Fire Department and what you do and what the first responders do? In general, New York, fire departments, the best fire department in the world, hands down bar none the training that you get here, the people that you protect the city you predict its phenomenal, protect its phenomenal. I wouldnt want to have it any other place first responders. You know we respond to everything, fire alarms, EMS calls fires, unfortunately, but its part of the job and signed up to protect the city and thats. What we do we protect the city every day, Jason well, last night it was an honor for the first responders. That was the whole point is to thank the first responders, and I hope you feel that, even though you were going to show up and you couldnt, because you had to work and you had to respond, God bless you and thank you for your service to this country happy new year. Thank you happy new year and hopefully next year. Well, this year.
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