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New York City sees jump in shootings and murders

2020-09-05 | 🔗
Reaction from 'Fox & Friends' police panel: Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr., Blue Lives Matter New York City founder Joseph Imperatrice and former NYPD Lieutenant Darrin Porcher.
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When you add a base ends labor day what they were trained on, what they were trained on exactly what that training module is step by stem example right to the second on what these officers did on that scene. They dont have the ability to go off script, say and to do different things. They have to follow exactly the way they are trained will thats the Rochester New York police president defending the actions of their officers of Daniel Prude. This comes as recently released body cam triggered violent protests across the city. Here is Suffolk, county police
and Joseph trees. As you look at the video, the Daniel Prude was this police procedure proper change, proper execution, or do you see mistakes made that led to the death of Daniel Prude as a former police practitioner? I saw this as a sound practice. The placing of a spit hood over this individual is something that runs within the performance of the directors of that department. One thing thats being left out. This happened in March. This was at the apex of the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, a septic environment was of optimum importance when we saw the way the officers engaged this individual. It was in accordance with the departments, rules and regulations. One of the things I believe that the police chief and the mayor had agreed that the investigation was sound and it was behind them. This is subsequently reemerged and thats what we are seeing.
The fanfare in connection with with the extreme left thats protesting this death as a result, yeah Errol. This was a moment where Daniel Prude was allegedly saying he had coronavirus weighs spitting seem to give indication why they used a spit hood. What about the process of using a body weight to lean on a suspect, its similar, not exact but similar, to what we saw in the George Floyd case? Is that also good procedure, leaning on a suspect when they are on the ground? You know, first of all, and thank you for having me on. You know its very important that if the officers feel that there is a threat to themselves or the individuals continuing to get up, we do know this individual had mental health issues, which could be a reason why they wanted to try and keep him in place. I believe he was partially nude or completely nude, and so you know we dont know what was going on in those police officers minds, but we do know that whats going on throughout our country. You know the police are using reasonable force to really try
to restrain individuals and also from self harm or harming others will yes Joseph. I want to ask you about this. There is movement in New York City when it comes to crime. Look at this one hundred and sixty six percent rise in shootings. In August forty seven percent rise in murders. This comes at the same time that Governor Andrew Cuomo is introducing or suggesting you will not have indoor dining in New York City until there is a four thousand person Nypd force to ensure social distancing inside of restaurants, so crime on the rise, but we dont open restaurants again until four thousand cops can be out there. Ensuring people are six feet apart. I want to get your reaction. Joseph politicians like him pick and choose when they want officers to enforce the law. What happens? Is they pit the officers against the community, which is never good? We saw the situation with Mayor De Blasio when he wanted officers in New York City to enforce the rule and that didnt go too well and officers
got in trouble for doing their jobs. Allow the business owners, be adults, listen to the rules and function and provide food on the table for their families. Everything would work out perfectly will are officers want ones you want to send in four thousand shops to gotten sure people are six feet apart. Is this where officers and Nypd resources should be allocated in the current crime environment? Joseph? Absolutely? Not first of all, we have shootings on the rise. They just canceled the class of one thousand two hundred officers. They used to have something called separation impact where high visibility to deter crimes. You want officers to go out there and enforce the laws in New York City, where shootings are happening every single day in communities of color. We have to go to the neighborhoods target. The crime get the bad guys off the street and not worry whether or not somebody is sitting down and having dinner with a facebook mask will. Let me return to Rochester for a moment. I would love to put this back to you officer Porcher. We see protests rising in intensity. Obviously we see what we have seen in Portland.
In Seattle we see highways being shut down there. The state police are pulling people out of cars to get the traffic back moving in Rochester. In response to the Daniel Prude Incident. Last night there was videos of protesters, flipping tables, running people out of restaurants. How should law enforcement be handling these escalating protests? We need to put a moratorium on riots. A protest is if its a lawfully conducted protest and it falls within the pursue of the first amendment, thats sound, but rioters we need to bring. We need to eradicate these riots and stop them when we see what just happened here in New York City recently, we had a contingent of rioters that converged on a vehicle and those people in the car were under siege and they had to do what was necessary to get away. So when we look at what is happening in Portland, Seattle and Chicago democratic leaders have done nothing and doing nothing has subsequently led to this criminal behavior festering, subsequently creating more people that are hurt. As a result,
will these protests escalating into riots.
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