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New York family restaurant receives financial help from Barstool Fund

2021-01-03 | 🔗
San Martino Ristorante owner Alfio Lo Paro calls the financial assistance ‘a miracle’ that will help him pay outstanding bills for the restaurant.
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Jed over to you, Jedediah thanks PETE Small businesses, all over the country are struggling to stay afloat like San Marchtino in New York that has been in business since one thousand nine hundred and seventy five thanks to Dave Portnoy and the barstool fund theyre getting the help they need youre in the fund, well be there for you, doesnt seem like it could happen to a better place. Better guy were very happy, unbelievable im shaking right now. This is too much youre, amazing, whatever youre doing God bless you Jedediah joining me now, owner of San Martino, restaurant welcome to the show great to see you call you looked so excited before I get to the call give viewers insight what your struggle has been like over the pandemic, the last nine months. What it has done for your business, give us clarity on that good morning.
Thank you for having me on yeah its been a tough nine months. You know weve been here forty five years, and this is definitely the worst year weve ever had. Since March, we were ordered to shut down indoor dining. We were able to do take out delivery, but obviously not enough to sustain us so weve been struggling. We kept our staff, we paid everybody best. We could and tried to stay in business, but the bills keep piling up and you know it is getting harder and harder. We are allowed now to open up indoors at the limited capacity, but a lot of people are tell not ready to come out and dine. You know, so we its tough. We are a little bit hard to
stay in business. So when we heard about Daves fund raising we applied and thank God that he came through for us Jedediah. What was it look for you to receive that call from barstool? Well, it was like a godsend. It was a miracle really a christmastime miracle. We like I said we have some bills to pay and we are struggling. But when he called me first of all I was shocked. I didnt expect. I know so many millions of people in same situation. So my kids, you know, sent a letter and he accepted the letter and then he wanted us to send us a video. We did and the next day he called me- and he said youre in the fund were going to help you pay your bills and were going to be with
you until this pandemic is over or youre able to go open up fully and people able to come in and go back to normal. So it is very exciting, very emotional. I broke down and cried, and you know my whole family. This is a family, restaurant, thats, small family operation. All my wife, my children, help me and were trying to get through. It were all working together to try to get through this crisis. Jedediah. You know Alfio. That is such amazing news. I was reading about the story. The were running out of time started as a pizzeria. Expanded came over from ITALY saved enough money to put the restaurant together, you and your family. We wish you nothing, but the best congratulations receiving that assistance. We hope that you put through and have a successful bus in the coming months.
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