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New York restaurant gets boost from Barstool fund amid pandemic

2021-01-02 | 🔗
Acquista Trattoria owner Rosario Acquista and his son Alessandro join ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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Celebrity chef guy Fieri, teaming up with barstool sports to serve up more support, very cool joining me now is Rosario and his son Alexandro. I will start with you Rosario. Actually let me switch it will. Let me start with Al Sandro: did you think you would get picked? Did you think you would have a chance? I didnt think we had a chance at all im, Portnoy and barstool when he addressed that he was going to start doing this. We figured lets just send a letter and see we sound like everyone that has been struggling. We watched the videos, so we sent a letter first and ended up sending a video. I think the video really shows
what we are going through with this whole pandemic, and you know struggling like these other small businesses across the country. We relate to everything thats going on PETE row. Sarrosario, you said ha been in a business forty two years. Have you never seen a time like this? What will this do for you and your business, its money that comes pay the rent and will inaudible will hoping this thing gets over without the help month to month and usually December, we make the money to support us, but they shut down and pick up and deliver and going to make it im going to make it got. People take care and everybody else I dont know. Pete government told you to shut down like everybody else. They have had a once spaability to help make you whole havent done that guys, like Dave
Portnoy stepped up. The fund is now over sixteen dollars million by the way, and that happens a lot on Fox amp friends. When you are on the show, then they start calling the restaurant. You will probably get a few calls. I have seen that before PETE are thank you so much.
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