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New Yorkers share their thoughts on the DNC

2020-08-20 | 🔗
'Fox & Friends' weekend co-host Will Cain hits the streets of New York City to talk to voters about the presidential election.
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Brian night, three of the Dnc officially on the books. What are the potential voters saying about it? Ainsley Fox amp friends, weekend co host will Kaine hit the streets of New York City and he joins us now, hey will? What did you find out? Will hey good morning Ainsley as measures as New Yorkers, slowly start to come out of their homes and Armtsz to the AP? Did they like and what did they think of their city? At this point, I think the answers were interesting. Listen are you watching the Democratic national convention? Yes, I think its fabulous. Are you watching the Dnc? Oh, yes! Definitely. What do you think of the format it takes some getting used to and you find yourself watch for a while and might drift off gives intimacy to the process that you wouldnt normally get from an entire auditorium? Are you watching the Dnc I caught a few minutes of it on Tv Todd? What did you think of it?
So far, not much of a message being said beat up on Trump a lot it didnt catch. My attention kind of boring, will whats the big issue for you in the election. Restoring functionality to our country biggest issue right now is the virus safety being able to run your business safely? Will do you feel safe in New York city? No, I just put grates on my windows. Yesterday I lived in this neighborhood close sixty years and just had to put metal grates on my windows. We are right back where we started. You know thirty years ago will are you supporting Biden or Trump Biden Biden, support Trump on this one definitely Biden. Whoever helps me out the most lets put it that way. So, as you can see, new Yorkers were somewhat divided on who they support. At this point, you know whats, fascinating guys. Anybody who was from New York seemed to be supporting Biden and making allowances for the virtual convention. Anybody who was from out of town or a business owner well, they
were leaning more towards Trump or some sense of normalcy back in their city, which they are adapting to, and convincing themselves is still in good shape. Brian Brian, there is a lot of things going on in make cities from Portland to Chicago, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Philadelphia and New York, of course, and its all democratic mayors. There is a republican mayor that joined us two hours ago and is reacting to the law and disorder. Listen the last time this city was like this. The last time this city had riots and crime. At this level we had a democratic mayor and all during the period of time we had thirty years of massive crime. So if this sets in its not going to end, we need a change in leadership, a change in policy. These things are happening in these cities because the Democrats have pro criminal anti police policies. The reason its happening is not Donald Trump Donald Trump didnt release. Eight thousand people from prison
De Blasio did Brian will. They are blaming Donald Trump, the mayor and the governor. You know Brian whats interesting. Is I talk to people on the street? I always ask the question: do you feel safe in New York today and almost all of them say they do? But what I find that reveals is new Yorkers can adapt to anything. They can tell themselves its okay, no matter whats, going on around them, but safety. Much like sizzles is hard to build an easy to tear down its often just a thin layer on top of our lives, and I think, as I walk around New York and I live in New York, what you find is that sense of insecurity that unsafe feeling is just a few inches below the surface. Yes, oh its so charming. We are eating in a lane of traffic now just like the old days, but you can get this sense in the air this isnt New York of six months ago. There is an insecurity not far below the surface Steve. When did we eat in the streets? Will Brian we are doing it again, Ainsley? What he is talking about is explain it. Will everybody in New York its so
charming to sit on the sidewalk and have outdoor dining, where you are this far from the curb all thats changed now you are this far over the curb Steve. You are sitting in a lane of traffic. Steve sidewalk dining its the street dining thats, the new thing Ainsley, some people are up on the sidewalk and some people are in that one lane. You are literally in traffic Ainsley. They usually put a barricade around it with flowers, Steve you mention, the people from New York seem to be for Biden, and people out of town seem to be more for Trump. There are no out of towners. There is no tourism Brian. Nothing to see here. Steve few people are coming to work, thats it thats. True. Did I find to manage to find a few tourists brave souls willing to come to New York? Do you know what I found Steve the thing thats an mating, anybody for Biden. I asked them all whats the biggest issue for you in this election. Almost to a person, the answer was getting Donald Trump out. The energy is not behind Biden.
The energy is behind getting trump out of office. Steve will how many of those tourists you met wanted to bit twenty dollars Rolex wondering where that guy was. I dont know what their shopping habits were, how much disposable income they H. I did have trouble with the guy who had the Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey on.
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