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New York’s 22nd congressional seat remains undecided

2021-01-03 | 🔗
GOP candidate Claudia Tenney discusses why the race remains uncalled on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jedediah New 117Th Congress is set to convene today, but one house seat remains undecided in New Yorks 22Nd congressional District, GOP challenger. Claudia Tenney now leads democratic incumbent, Congressman Anthony Rendisi by a razor thin margin by twenty nine votes. We have Claudia Tenney talk about a heated race, your race still has it been decided, give us the why? What were waiting to hear and what you think will happen? Thank you so much for having me on for everyone across the country and my region who supported us. This is a long journey. Sadly, we wont be seat offed today for the opening of 117Th Congress. This district will go without a representative until the judge makes a final decision on the disputed ballots that are left in the count. We feel positive that if, when the judge finally gets this decision done im sure there will be appeals process well, be
seated, unfortunately, not in time to start the session today and not in time to actually deal with the rules package that Nancy Pelosi has proposed, which is something that I would like to be there to vote against. There is just a lot of issues here, unfortunately, were at the mercy of the judge at this point: Jedediah yeah, Claudia. Obviously, it is very challenging to have a delay this long im sure you would be eager to want to start the job. I want to ask you about some of the issues affecting new Yorkers. One of the things that New Yorkers are really passionate about. Right now is disgust frankly with Cuomos leadership and Bill De Blasio, although well stick to Cuomo right now, and the latest problem theyre see something this botched vaccine rollout where New York has many more vaccines, theyre able to distribute yet theyre not being distributed to people. What is your comment on that, as well as other issues that have come up in Andrew Cuomos leadership or track thereof? This is typical of Andrew Cuomo. I served six years in the New York State Assembly, Andrew
Cuomo, while still a governor and still us. Unfortunately, this is typical, Cuomo gamesmanship. He likes to create chaos and then blame everybody else for it. He is the reason that the vaccines are not being distributed. He is prioritized heroin addicts, while im sympathetic to people with addiction first responders and people vulnerable should be getting this first. It is most of the vaccines havent even been distributed, yet he is claiming the administration isnt sorting them out. He wants more vaccine to put them in storage when he need to get on the ball. He really needs to be held accountable. As a former member of the assembly, the media in New York Sugar coat everything. Thank you for holding him accountable Jedediah. I hate to interrupt.
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