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Newsom’s coronavirus curfew will have ‘oppressive effect’ on community: Sacramento Co. Sheriff

2020-11-21 | 🔗
Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones on why he will not enforce the California governor’s new coronavirus stay-at-home orders.
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Pete, just one week for come PETE just one week for come under fire for ignoring his own covid 19 restrictions, not from me California, Governor Gavin Newsom, has imposed a curfew on residents from 1000 p, DOT M to 500 a dot m for a month. Our next guest joins the growing list of sheriffs who say they will not enforce the governors latest stay at home order. Sacramento county sheriff Scott Jones joins me now sheriff thanks for being here, so the governor says stay home from 1000 to 500. What will you and your department be doing? Well, we wont be enforcing that or any of the other orders that are in existence now or might be coming a couple reasons for that. Really one is practical: we still have the same types and amounts of calls for service, as we always have from the mundane to the exciting, but there is also kind of a theoretical aspect of it. My kids, my family, my extended family, are all suffering during this like Everybodys family and it really has had an oppressive affect on Everybodys family, and I really dont want our women and mental of the sheriffs office to be instruments of that oppression.
I want folks to call us when they need help, knowing we are going to show up and make their lives better and make the situation better, and this is the opposite of that that PETE Sheriff whats the response been from the community to you defying this its really been overwhelming. I did this because it was the right thing to do. Obviously, I have tapped into a frustration that at least our community- and I suspect everyone in the state and beyond- has with these changing, sometimes conflicting, reinstated. Taken back reinstated, orders its been overwhelmingly positive. We have gotten tons more social media followers. All of the comments seem to be very, very supportive and positive. Pete sheriff. I agree your move. Let me play devils advocate. How do you decide which order from a governor is too far or not too far? I have made the decision to not enforce any of them. We have rules from governors unelected bureaucrats from legislatures and if we learn nothing else over this last year, folks are
crying for police to be more responsive to their community. Enforcing these rules that are not criminal laws is really the opposite of that, and I just dont want to put my women and men of my office to be in a position to have to enforce those PETE Chevy never considered moving to Sacramento this morning. They are in good hands.
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