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Newt Gingrich predicts independent voters 'much more intrigued' by a future with Trump

2020-08-25 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich shares his reaction to the first night of the RNC.
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The attacked Ainsley nice interview good to see you bring in Newt Gingrich, former presidential candidate and author of Trump and the american Future good morning to you Newt good morning quite an evening, Ainsley im, sorry that was quite an evening Ainsley! Yes, what were your takeaways well? First of all, South Carolina did an awful lot for the country when you have both Nikki Haley and TIM Scott, and they were both extraordinary Scotts. Closing from cotton to Congress in one generation is probably as good of a repudiation of all of last weeks. Talk about racism, as you could ask for. I also can say from the a Georgia perspective having Herschel Walker say he is known and been friends with Donald Trump for thirty seven years and then Herschel is offended when people suggest he be that close to a racist. I thought it was a complete repudiation of the lefts efforts to tar president Trump,
so I thought it was effective overall. Interestingly, the average speaker this week in prime time is about nine years younger than the average speaker last week at the Democratic Party, and you saw, for example, Kim Klacik great new candidate from Baltimore had almost three times as much time as AOC and used it very effectively to take on the corruption and failure of liberal democrats in big cities. So I thought it was a very effective evening and my guess is that independents found themselves much more intrigued by the future with Donald Trump than anybody in the media expected, and then I think, despite the medias efforts, this will be a very successful convention. Brian, you know. Whats amazing Newt im surprised its come to this, but you need Jim Jordan to tell an intimate story of what President Trump is like one on one. You need TIM Scott to tell a story about what is he like away
from the cameras you need Nikki, Haley and others. You need Nikki, Haley and others to humanize him three years in because channels go the opposite way, ill equipped unable to rise to the occasion. Just some honest, true stories can counter that narrative. In fact, here is Senator TIM Scott, who also talked about one on one. What the president is like. They have talked about the progress the economy has made for everybody. Listen, President Trump has kicked off this convention by leaning in on the american family, wanting them to be passionate and to be expectant about whats possible in our future. A racist put does not take opportunity zones and provide up to seventy five dollars billion of private sector dollars for the most distressed people in the country. A racist president simply does not create seven million jobs and
make sure two thirds of those jobs go to African Americans, Hispanics and women, Brian, so thats the person. You know thats what you write about in your book, so you knew the person before he became a politician, and now you know the President as a president and its a shame. It had to come to this convention for people to tell these stories. Look. I think the powerful thing is when your opponents develop a lie and people see the facts. They really do changes divisively. I think that the what I would frankly consider a media that is dedicated now to consistently lying actually undermining their own credibility, not necessarily undermining the presidents very significant. In terms of what TIM Scott has personally committed to. Yesterday, the Trump Administration announced that they are going to be moving
federal jobs and federal offices into these opportunity zones. That is the biggest single step ever taken to try to begin to rebuilded poorest parts of american society, and I think its an example that Trump has actually tried to be effective, not just sympathetic people talk about Joe Biden is a good person. Well, Trump is actually getting things done and the record he has with historically black colleges and universities is better than any president in history. So I think you saw this, but you also saw fascinating. That is every day people we have a cancer survivor explaining that it was president trumps intervention to make it possible to have a choice if you have a fatal disease, so she is alive, Steve, right, thats, sort of an amazing example of trumps ability to change things, not just talk about them, Steve. You know, speaking of
talking about things. One side is lying or really distorting whats going on at the Nations Post office. Regarding the election, Nancy Pelosi was over on another channel, they were talking about the post office and all the problems over there. How Trump is trying to hack the election? She had this observation about. Well, Mr Speaker, guys like you, listen, would take annual oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic and sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring. Our constitution are right at one thousand six hundred Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States, Steve okay. So it sounds like you are the ally to the domestic enemies of America. Congratulations! Look! There is a great book called the madness of the crowds and I would say that Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of
the madness of her crowd. Brian, do you want to expand on that? She has lost her mind. Donald Trump has pushed her over the edge she has been unhinged about six months. I wrote a paper recently saying we are in a war between two worlds. I think, if you look at these two conventions, you will see what im talking about Pelosi is from San Francisco, a city which is collapsing which, by the way Harris is also from San Francisco. This is a city which is collapsing. There is picture just put out today of rush hour in downtown San Francisco. There is no one on the street. People are moving out of the city, the rapid transit is going broke because there are no riders, so Pelosi comes from a rich enclave in a city which is collapsing and she brings all of those values to Washington and frankly, they cant tell the truth. I mean what are they going to say? Oh yeah, its terrific, that we have produced this many homeless, its terrific, that the city now
pays to put you in a hotel and give you both drugs and alcohol to help control you. So she lives in a fantasy world, as does frankly Joe Biden, and so you are seeing two different worlds and two different conventions and average American is going to.
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