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NFL lays out new coronavirus guidelines

2020-10-06 | 🔗
The NFL is threatening forfeits for COVID-19 protocol breaches; Fox Sports' Mike Pereira joins 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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Live from studio J top of the hour Brian, the NFL, laying out new Covid 19 protocols in a league wide conference call that took place yesterday in a memo sent to teams afterwards, the commissioner wrote this violations will result additional financial and competitive discipline, including the adjustment of loss of draft choices or even forfeit. The game simply put compliance is mandatory. Why? Because twenty titans tested, positive and other teams have been forced to postpone here to discuss is Fox sports, NFL analyst rules, expert and the former vice president officiating from the NFL Mike C Arerra MIKE Good, to see you again is the commissioner over the top of this, or is this necessary to come down like this? Well, I think its necessary, based on what has happened with Tennessee and also what you have seen and the fines that were given out to some of the coaches and some of the teams. Look, this isnt similar to baseball now baseball and football is the only ones the major sports not in a bubble, but in football youre talking about only sixteen
games and in baseball yeah winning percentages. Maybe you could figure that out to see who goes to the playoffs. Sixty games is different than sixteen, so the league has had to get tough and I think that they have done a great job, theyve laid out protocol, so they showed meant business when they fined those coaches, one hundred thousand dollars and the teams two hundred and fifty thousand so really. The meeting yesterday was kind of like a tongue lashing to say so, youre, not surprised if this happens again and we uncover situations where you didnt follow Protocol S expect suspension, maybe forfeitures those really severe fines, including draft choices. So I think the league has done a great job so far trying to control the situation with thirty two teams and all those players and coaches and theyre just saying now we mean business Brian, daily testing, as well as tracers, to find out where youve been so they find
out in case you test positive who to get in touch with the NFL Covid rules. They have new rules now on free agency and things like that. Free agent try outs per week, ban gatherings outside the club, implement video monitoring system to ensure compliance, or else they go in a bubble and stay in a hotel Thursday night football comes back to Fox. You picked a really good game to come back to you pick and choose MIKE. Only the good ones so Tampa Tampa Bay plays Chicago that guy named Tom Brady on a bit of a role after losing his opener. What can we expect at 820 eastern time and all of the coverage starts at 7? Thirty with the pre game. I think its great. This is Tom, Bradys First National broadcast, you know as a Tampa Bay, buccaneer look I enjoy a guy. My age enjoys seeing a quarterback whose ten years older than any player on the Chicago bears, you know attempting throw five more touchdown passes to five different receivers as he did last week. So I think that its
really a great game for Thursday Night Football and the Chicago bears are now three and one were not sure it hasnt been determined for sure is the Mick of Mitch T Urbitsky, but I think its going to be a very competitive game and Tom Brady at forty two years old continues to be the story and after that opens loss to New Orleans and what he has accomplished since then kind of gets him involve and getting Intune after getting kind of his butt ripped after week. One you know he has responded as a young guy, a young rookie would so to me. This is just a terrific matchup and its so great to have Thursday night football back on Fox Brian. All right MIKE you handled the plug you handled the broadcast and the analysis I didnt have to come to work today. Im not going to get paid for.
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