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NFL training camps begin as some players express concerns about safety protocols

2020-07-21 | 🔗
Has the NFL put the proper COVID-19 protocols in place to protect players for the 2020 season? Former NFL player Jack Brewer reacts.
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Ainsley NFL rookies are Ainsley, NFL rookies are reporting to training camp today, as the league and its players Union come to a deal on the Covid 19 protocols. Players are going to be tested daily for two weeks and they wont be allowed into facilities unless they test negative. Twice this as players question the NFL S approach, colts line man, Deforest Buckner, Tweet, ing out there wont be an NFL season if we dont put players, health and safety first, whose playing the games, if were all sick here to react, is former NFL player, Jack Brewer, Hey Jack, hows it going Ainsley Ainsley im great! Thank you. Well with your experience in the NFL, would you want to play? Would you want to go back now in my situation? No, like many players, probably seventy percent of the guys are more dont, have guaranteed contracts, and so I dont know if id be so quick to jump into a locker room and go on the field, tackling people amidst coronavirus without a guaranteed contract to make sure that I got paid Ainsley. But what, if youre guaranteed you dont have corona
with those tests? Oh yeah id be fine, then, but I mean you cant be guaranteed that everybody around you doesnt. Have it the problem with the coronavirus as weve all seen is you could have no symptoms and still have it. I think it does create a risk, but I also think that everyone should have a choice and thats. One thing I applaud the league for and the Players Association is because theyre giving each player the choice on whether or not they want to play and theyre, not forcing anyone to come out and play Ainsley Russel Wilson. Did you see his tweet about his wife hes concerned because theyre having a baby? How important is it to get sports back in America? We need sports back. We need kids back in schools. We need a little bit of normalcy. You know its really difficult when youre keeping everyone couped up- and you know, tensions in our country are flaring politically, socially theres, so much unrest. But we got to all keep in mind that weve been locked in the house. For so long
kids cant go out and play parents have to readjust their schedule for work. I cant wait to turn on my tv and be able to see a sports game if I want to watch one with my son, so we all need that normalcy. But I think we have to be smart because you know im in Florida now and it is a little bit scary to see numbers surging and kids getting sick, so Ainsley but Jack. What about the kid? Who was where you were when you were in high school and he so badly wants to play in the NFL and he cant go try out or he cant. Even I mean all these coaches come to recruit to the high schools and they want to see them play whats going to happen there, its terrible that situation is hard, because you know you say kids coming out of high school, that really had to miss a big part of their training going into the freshman year. Look at my career going into the National Football League. The guys like me, didnt, even get a chance to go to the
combine or work out for teams after the combine. I wouldnt have got a chance to play in this environment, so thats really unfortunate and you cant get this time back if youre, in a situation where right now is the time where youre transitioning from one league to the other high school to college, its really difficult and its not fair, and so I think, as a country, I think sports across the board should try to do something to make up for that, whether its giving a player another year in school or its, the NFL, you know having additional tryouts for the young guys, those opportunities are there. Ainsley Jack youre, a good man.
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