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Nicole Malliotakis on flipping New York House seat red

2020-11-13 | 🔗
Republican congresswoman-elect tells ‘Fox & Friends’ she will bring a much-needed perspective to Washington, D.C.
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Who, sadly, lost his life here? Helenor Arkansas Ainsley, another GOP victory in the house, Natalia Takis, flipping red after Democrat incumbent concedes, Republicans have now flipped ten seats in the house with eight of them won by female candidates. New York congresswoman Elect joins us now good morning to you. Congratulations! Thank you good morning, Ainsley good morning. What do you think was the reason for this seat, and so many other flipping from blue to red here in New York City, and I assume cities in America. People are fed up with the direction. Democrats were trying to take us in New York City where we have de Blasio, and we have Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez theyve moved our city so much to the left, and you have individuals, like my opponent, who rallied with the defund police movement and had
gone along with the gang and people want to see a two party system. They want to see checks and balances, and I will be the only republican representing our city in Washington and its a much needed voice and perspective Ainsley. I know that you represent the southern part of Brooklyn and Staten Island theres, 16gop women, newly elected to Congress, is the party changing. Was this the trump phenomena, or is this a permanent change for the Republican Party? I could tell you its much needed new blood coming to the party. Not only do we have most females in history of coming to Congress from the republican side, but we also have a number of minorities. We have immigrants who have come from Korea from Cuba from the Ukraine and also we have military veterans as well as in the republican side. But I can tell you that this is important because its the message you have AOC and the Socialist
squad, and now we have individuals that come from diversed backgrounds and many fled communism or socialism themselves or, like me, the daughter of a cuban refugee, to be those messengers to say why is socialism bad and push back and to fight to protect our freedom and our liberties, and we reopen our company and we keep the capitalist system that provides job and opportunity, and that is something that I believe and obviously in this election results across the country. That Americans want- and I think, thats very critical point to be making Ainsley. I understand that you want to form your own squad. The Antisocialist squad we dont have a name but theres. Definitely an interest and people that are concerned and have similar stories at mine. My mother fled Communist Cuba in one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine. She came here for liberty and opportunity as millions of immigrants did. We want to preserve that. We want to preserve the american dream that allow my parents,
daughters. Their daughter is now going to be a United States, Congressperson and, as I mentioned, we have immigrants coming from Cuba from Korea. We share the story and we will get out there and tell the story to Americans and fight back against those who want to dismantle the economy and want to destroy capitalism and want to takeaway freedoms and bring socialism to the country.
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