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Nicole Malliotakis reacts to NYC Mayor saying he has ‘no plan’ for return of indoor dining

2020-08-22 | 🔗
New York Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis speaks out on 'Fox and Friends.'
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We may be able to help indoor dining theres, not a indoor, dining theres, not a plan right now. Theres, not a context for indoor dining were never saying its impossible, but we do not based on what weve seen around the world. We do not have a plan for reopening indoor dining in the near term. Jedediah New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, revealing he has no plans to resume indoor dining by lifting lockdown restrictions. The decision under fire from many restaurant owners of and our next guest is joining their calls telling the mayor the city has had enough New York State Assembly, member and GOP congressional candidate Nicole Malitokus joins us now hes supposed to be the mayor. He has no plan, no explanation for the hundreds of restaurants that are sitting waiting, losing a ton of money every day. He has no plans for anything. He has no plans for the
skyrocketing crime. Does nothing to stop the rioting. We had breaking windows and businesses being attacked last weekend in Brooklyn. He has no plan when it comes to schools. Reopening I mean the mayor is a complete disaster and under him, and one party rule were seeing crime skyrocketing businesses being crushed and small businesses are starting to fold. This week we announced a class action lawsuit against him and the governor to get our indoor dining back on track, particularly in New York City, every municipality in the state. Right now we meet the metrics as well, yet were the only one not opened in any capacity for small businesses and restaurants and theyre truly suffering Jedediah, just to present a stat on how bad this actually is. More than eighty percent of restaurants were unable to pay full rent in July more than eighty percent. What are all those businesses going to do? I want to shift to another important topic. Covid 19 has had an enormous
impact on the New York real estate market. People have fled the city in large part, its not just Covid 19 Nicole, but its also the massive crime and violence spikes that youve had in the city, because the likes of Bill De Blasio are not doing their job. We see the Wall Street Journal Headline, Covid, 19, count New York, real estate, worse than nine slash eleven and the financial crash, your take its absolutely a result of the deteriorating quality of life and skyrocketing crime. Under one party rule, they need to roll back some of the policies they put in place. The bail reform was a disaster theyre releasing prisoners that are recommitting crimes, defunding the police, and so the wealthier New Yorker, whose are a large part of the tax base, are leaving and businesses are leaving too. Who wants to be in a city where theres lawlessness? This is important for the entire nation. As you know, New York City is the economic engine of this country, and we cannot afford to allow
New York City to become the next Detroit, which is why im running for Congress to try to work with the president to help restore our economy and american jobs. We need to start with that in New York City Jedediah, Nicole. Thank you for being here. Its been horrible to watch, whats happened in New York City and other cities across the country. Hopefully, some real leadership will step up and you do and.
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