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Nicole Malliotakis weighs in on New York City’s crime surge

2020-08-15 | 🔗
Congressional candidate and New York Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis joins 'Fox and Friends Weekend.'
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Plus zero percent interest for thirty six months ends Monday Jedediah with eighty days to go Jedediah with eighty days to go until the election President Trump says. New York is in play with the spike in crime and high taxes here to react: assembly, member and congressional candidate. Nicole. Welcome to the show, when I saw this I said, wait a second New York. Yes, is going through a crime spike, but it is decidedly blue. Could New York be in play? I certainly think so, and parts of this state that Trump will win overwhelmingly, including my congressional district. This is a district he won by ten percent, currently held by a Democrat in Congress. We are going to take it back this year. We are excited about all of that and bringing fresh vision to this city and state, because people are extremely upset with the rise in crime, the rise in taxes. They are really disgusted by the fact that our congressman marched with defund the police crowd in front of our local free
sinct, and this is happening all over the state. In fact, the people that complained the most are the ones that voted against the president in twenty sixteen, I think they are going to be reconsidering this November Jedediah. So what are the key issues that President Trump should be speaking about? I you mentioned the crime. I know that people have fled Manhattan, have fled many of the bureaus as a result of feeling that Bill De Blasio, for example, does not is not supporting local law enforcement. What should president Trump be talking about in terms of targeting congressional seats for Republicans President Trump, and I are certainly on the same page when it comes to restoring law and order back to the streets of our city? You know when you look at Bill De Blasio or MAX rose and their support for closing Rikers Island, releasing prisoners, bail and defunding police. That is certainly something my dont support. Certainly, yesterday the New York City PBA, endorsed him
also the economy. You know our restaurants are struggling. They are saying one out of three restaurants in our city are not going to reopen because of the policies put in place right now by our mayor and governor that are keeping them shut down. Despite US meeting the metrics to reopen, we have a major issue here economically and only President Trump can fix this nationally. I believe, but certainly having him putting pressure on our mayor and governor when it comes to reopening our city thats a huge issue as well. Of course, the overall cost of living, which we know the tax and spend mentality of Democrats that is under one party rule here at the city and state level, is a real major problem here, and we have to stop voting in those elected officials who continue to hurt the working class and the middle class Jedediah yeah, I mean Nicole at this point, someone in leadership is going to have to incentivize people to stay in New York and make them feel that it is a safe place that its a safe place for their businesses, that their businesses can and
will succeed and law enforcement. Someone needs to call the police that the police will be supported and will be able to come to their aid, so remains to be seen how these election results will go. We will be watching closely.
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