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'No shame, no consequences' for liberal media, Big Tech for Hunter Biden coverage: Devine

2021-01-01 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Miranda Devine on the mainstream media's coverage of Hunter Biden in 2020.
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Fan on the show, thank you so much Griff everything from a global pandemic to a presidential election sets the stable for a variety of gaffes mistakes and even some lies from the mainstream media. In to twenty New York Post columnist. Miranda Devine joins me now to break down a few of her favorites and to share her wish for the media in twenty twenty one. So Miranda, let me first, have you take a look at this clip because its about the Hunter Biden scandal, which, of course you are so close to that story- go ahead Joe Biden on conspiracy? No evidence, no facts, just wild speculation, some crazy Sci FI tale about are you know, Hunter Biden and Martians, and chinese and stuff that seems to be no real, credible source other than Bob Bobulinski Rachel Miranda that was before the election. Now I want you to hear them talking after the election.
Cnn is reporting tonight that this investigation was live before the presidential election. If this was we gun in some level in twenty eighteen, how was it kept quiet, particularly over the last several months? This is a significant legal development in any era that the family member of incoming president is under. Federal investigation is a big deal. Will if laws were broken, there should be justice. There needs to be justice, Rachel, all right, thats, pretty remarkable turn about there. What do you make of this and is the media ashamed? Have they apologized whats going on are good morning Rachel? Obviously, there is no shame there and there are no consequences they just so smoothly, as you saw there just flipped from one side to the other. They should be ashamed of the fact that they suppressed and also mocked our coverage of the story, and then, after the election of course, whether it didnt
matter when Joe Biden had been elected, they are quite happy to go and run a little bit about this story, not everything, big tech, also its one thing for the media to not cover the story and then to pretend that why on earth wasnt this story made more of before the election, but the main reason was because big tech decided that it was going to intervene, and that was a historic moment, because it was the first time we had really seen. Facebook and twitter decide that they were going to exert their power nakedly, obviously to story legitimate news story in a legitimate newspaper, Rachel yeah. Its definitely frightening in a democracy. Lets talk about your second big mistake that you think the media made this year. You say its the peaceful, the quote, peaceful protest coverage. I think. Actually we have some video about that. Let me show you this, and we will come out on the other side.
What you are seeing behind me is one of multiple locations that have been burning in Kenosha Wisconsin over the course of the night. I want to be clear in how I characterize this. This is a mostly a protest. It is not. It is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started. Protest in late spring were mostly peaceful, but damage from looting and arson will cost one billion to two dollars billion in claims Rachel Miranda we still cant get over them, say peaceful protests as the flames were going off behind them. If you didnt know, if you hadnt lived through it, you would think that you had just played us three comedy clips, because it was so so absurd, so surreal, but this is what you get thats. What happened in twenty twenty, the media decided that whatever they decided was reality was reality and if they decided it wasnt its like you know. If a tree
falls in a forest and no one hears it fall, did it actually fall, and that was the medias decision last year. It was that whatever that was inconvenient, particularly if it was inconvenient to Joe Bidens campaign or just didnt happen. Look the other way lets move right along Rachel thats right. Another inconvenient story you bring up is Eric Swalwell Eric Swalwell isnt that interesting his relationship with the chinese spy fact. Fang was Fang, F News story, you havent heard it on CNN. They still havent reported on it on MSNBC. This is a story again inconvenient to the Democratic Party and the narrative that they are trying to run, and the fact is that China is as John Ratcliffe and are intelligence. Agencies are now admitting is our biggest
national security threat and to have this revelation that the Democrat congressman who is on the intelligence Committee will reads: highly sensitive. Confidential briefings is compromised by a long time relationship with a chinese spy who was sent here specifically to infiltrate the highest levels of american government, and that goes without much reporting at all is incredible. The fact that he is still on that committee, Rachel yeah, that is astounding we were just talking about this morning. He still sits on the powerful Intel committee. Despite having been compromised by a chinese spy, all right Miranda, you bring up great mistakes from it, two thousand and twenty we are hoping that two thousand and twenty one is a better year, are to the media. We look forward to having you back again in two thousand and twenty one and everyone read her article in the New York Post and all of her investigations. You have been Vipsd indicated
quite a bit this year. Thank you. Miranda for joining.
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