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North Carolina HOA demands family remove cross from yard, explain connection with Christmas

2020-12-12 | 🔗
James and Dee Faison share the story on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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And free premium delivery. When you add a base ends Monday, Rachel, North Carolina, family, Rachel, North Carolina family, fighting back after homeowners Association claimed 6 foot wooden cross is not considered a Christmas decoration. Will the Hoa writing quote unless biblical references can be provided, noting a cross as a symbol of the Christmas season, for the board to reconsider the cross is not considered to be a Christmas decoration PETE give us your biblical citation this morning an update from the homeowners James and Dee from Raleigh North Carolina join us now. Thank you both for being here this morning. So from what I understand, you have had this cross up for five years. This isnt the first year is this: the first year its been brought to your attention or complained about, and where do you think this came from good morning? God bless you merry Christmas to everyone as well yeah. So we have this cross up initially, just this, it actually
was just this year and had it up around Christmas time the Homeowners Association came up. We had up it a little longer than Easter. We got a lot of compliments from my neighbors. They loved it and provided hope for so many people we believe in the cross and what it stands for it. The stands for the birth death and refresh your recollection of Jesus Christ, PETE so part of your response to the Hoa, which is great. You sent a biblical reference back John Chapter, eighteen, o thirty. Seven, you are a king, then set pilot Jesus answered, you say: im a king. The reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me so when they got that Bible verse, what was the response? The response from that is that they accepted the Bible verse and they came back and they, I will just tell you this. They didnt immediately come back after we gave them the Bible verses. It was not until another media outlet had gotten in contact
with them and then they responded Ba from that point. So it wasnt received that well at first, and that was our concern as well too. Why does Hoa not want to respond to us? But if a media outlet reaches out to them, then they will respond Rachel, its an excellent question. Heres, a statement from the Hoa Communitys elected Board of directors has agreed to allow Mr Faison to display his cross for the Christmas season. The board rescinded their letter and requests to remove the cross. Mr Faison was never fined. They backed down clearly im curious. How did your neighborhoods react? Were they defending you? Yes, our neighbors were we actually did a poll in the community about seventy six percent said stand for the cross. We will standing with you. We actually had a couple of neighbors that were willing to go out and get their own cross and put it in their yard. We have the support of our neighbors and friends as well will dee. I only have a moment here with you. The details are important in
this story. Let me see if I understand the underlying issue here, your Hoa needed you to prove that the symbol of Christ was connected to Christmas. Is that correct? I do understand the story correctly. Dee, yes, thats correct! That is exactly right. Will PETE cant make it up merry Christmas to you both will merry Christmas thanks for.
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